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Below you will find all the 1 938 stocks we analyse Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE)

20002.HKCLP Holdings LimitedHKSE
40003.HKThe Hong Kong and China Gas Company LimitedHKSE
50004.HKWharf (Holdings) LimitedHKSE
70006.HKPower Assets Holdings LimitedHKSE
80007.HKHong Kong Finance Investment Holding Group LimitedHKSE
90008.HKPCCW LimitedHKSE
100010.HKHang Lung Group LimitedHKSE
110011.HKHang Seng Bank LimitedHKSE
120012.HKHenderson Land Development Company LimitedHKSE
130013.HKHUTCHMED (China) LimitedHKSE
140014.HKHysan Development Company LimitedHKSE
150016.HKSun Hung Kai Properties LimitedHKSE
160017.HKNew World Development Company LimitedHKSE
170018.HKOriental Press Group LimitedHKSE
180019.HKSwire Pacific LimitedHKSE
190020.HKSenseTime Group Inc.HKSE
200021.HKGreat China Properties Holdings LimitedHKSE
210023.HKThe Bank of East Asia, LimitedHKSE
220025.HKChevalier International Holdings LimitedHKSE
230026.HKChina Motor Bus Company, LimitedHKSE
240027.HKGalaxy Entertainment Group LimitedHKSE
250028.HKTian An China Investments Company LimitedHKSE
260029.HKDynamic Holdings LimitedHKSE
270031.HKChina Aerospace International Holdings LimitedHKSE
280032.HKThe Cross-Harbour (Holdings) LimitedHKSE
290033.HKAmber Hill Financial Holdings LimitedHKSE
300034.HKKowloon Development Company LimitedHKSE
310035.HKFar East Consortium International LimitedHKSE
320037.HKFar East Hotels and Entertainment LimitedHKSE
330038.HKFirst Tractor Company LimitedHKSE
340039.HKChina Beidahuang Industry Group Holdings LimitedHKSE
350040.HKGold Peak Industries (Holdings) LimitedHKSE
360041.HKGreat Eagle Holdings LimitedHKSE
370042.HKNortheast Electric Development Company LimitedHKSE
380043.HKC.P. Pokphand Co. Ltd.HKSE
390045.HKThe Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, LimitedHKSE
400046.HKComputer And Technologies Holdings LimitedHKSE
410047.HKHop Hing Group Holdings LimitedHKSE
420048.HKChina Automotive Interior Decoration Holdings LimitedHKSE
430050.HKHong Kong Ferry (Holdings) Company LimitedHKSE
440051.HKHarbour Centre Development LimitedHKSE
450052.HKFairwood Holdings LimitedHKSE
460053.HKGuoco Group LimitedHKSE
470055.HKNeway Group Holdings LimitedHKSE
480057.HKChen Hsong Holdings LimitedHKSE
490058.HKSunway International Holdings LimitedHKSE
500059.HKSkyfame Realty (Holdings) LimitedHKSE
510061.HKGreen Leader Holdings Group LimitedHKSE
520062.HKTransport International Holdings LimitedHKSE
530064.HKGet Nice Holdings LimitedHKSE
540065.HKGrand Ocean Advanced Resources Company LimitedHKSE
550066.HKMTR Corporation LimitedHKSE
560069.HKShangri-La Asia LimitedHKSE
570070.HKRich Goldman Holdings LimitedHKSE
580071.HKMiramar Hotel and Investment Company, LimitedHKSE
590073.HKAsian Citrus Holdings LimitedHKSE
600076.HKElate Holdings LimitedHKSE
610078.HKRegal Hotels International Holdings LimitedHKSE
620080.HKChina New Economy Fund LimitedHKSE
630081.HKChina Overseas Grand Oceans Group LimitedHKSE
640082.HKV1 Group LimitedHKSE
650083.HKSino Land Company LimitedHKSE
660084.HKStelux Holdings International LimitedHKSE
670085.HKChina Electronics Huada Technology Company LimitedHKSE
680086.HKSun Hung Kai & Co. LimitedHKSE
690087.HKSwire Pacific LimitedHKSE
700088.HKTai Cheung Holdings LimitedHKSE
710090.HKPuxing Energy LimitedHKSE
720091.HKGolden Century International Holdings Group LimitedHKSE
730092.HKChampion Technology Holdings LimitedHKSE
740093.HKTermbray Industries International (Holdings) LimitedHKSE
750095.HKLVGEM (China) Real Estate Investment Company LimitedHKSE
760097.HKHenderson Investment LimitedHKSE
770098.HKXingfa Aluminium Holdings LimitedHKSE
780101.HKHang Lung Properties LimitedHKSE
790102.HKSummit Ascent Holdings LimitedHKSE
800103.HKShougang Concord Century Holdings LimitedHKSE
810104.HKAsia Commercial Holdings LimitedHKSE
820105.HKAssociated International Hotels LimitedHKSE
830107.HKSichuan Expressway Company LimitedHKSE
840108.HKGR Properties LimitedHKSE
850111.HKCinda International Holdings LimitedHKSE
860113.HKDickson Concepts (International) LimitedHKSE
870114.HKHerald Holdings LimitedHKSE
880116.HKChow Sang Sang Holdings International LimitedHKSE
890119.HKPoly Property Group Co., LimitedHKSE
900120.HKCosmopolitan International Holdings LimitedHKSE
910122.HKCrocodile Garments LimitedHKSE
920123.HKYuexiu Property Company LimitedHKSE
930124.HKGuangdong Land Holdings LimitedHKSE
940125.HKSun Hing Vision Group Holdings LimitedHKSE
950126.HKCarrianna Group Holdings Company LimitedHKSE
960127.HKChinese Estates Holdings LimitedHKSE
970128.HKENM Holdings LimitedHKSE
980129.HKAsia Standard International Group LimitedHKSE
990133.HKChina Merchants China Direct Investments LimitedHKSE
1000135.HKKunlun Energy Company LimitedHKSE
1010136.HKHengTen Networks Group LimitedHKSE
1020137.HKJinhui Holdings Company LimitedHKSE
1030139.HKCentral Wealth Group Holdings LimitedHKSE
1040142.HKFirst Pacific Company LimitedHKSE
1050144.HKChina Merchants Port Holdings Company LimitedHKSE
1060145.HKThe Hong Kong Building And Loan Agency LimitedHKSE
1070148.HKKingboard Holdings LimitedHKSE
1080149.HKChina Agri-Products Exchange LimitedHKSE
1090150.HKHypebeast LimitedHKSE
1100151.HKWant Want China Holdings LimitedHKSE
1110152.HKShenzhen International Holdings LimitedHKSE
1120154.HKBeijing Enterprises Environment Group LimitedHKSE
1130156.HKLippo China Resources LimitedHKSE
1140158.HKMelbourne Enterprises LimitedHKSE
1150159.HKBrockman Mining LimitedHKSE
1160160.HKHon Kwok Land Investment Company, LimitedHKSE
1170163.HKEmperor International Holdings LimitedHKSE
1180164.HKChina Baoli Technologies Holdings LimitedHKSE
1190165.HKChina Everbright LimitedHKSE
1200166.HKNew Times Energy Corporation LimitedHKSE
1210168.HKTsingtao Brewery Company LimitedHKSE
1220169.HKWanda Hotel Development Company LimitedHKSE
1230171.HKSilver Grant International Holdings Group LimitedHKSE
1240173.HKK. Wah International Holdings LimitedHKSE
1250175.HKGeely Automobile Holdings LimitedHKSE
1260177.HKJiangsu Expressway Company LimitedHKSE
1270178.HKSa Sa International Holdings LimitedHKSE
1280179.HKJohnson Electric Holdings LimitedHKSE
1290182.HKConcord New Energy Group LimitedHKSE
1300185.HKZensun Enterprises LimitedHKSE
1310187.HKBeijing Jingcheng Machinery Electric Company LimitedHKSE
1320188.HKSunwah Kingsway Capital Holdings LimitedHKSE
1330189.HKDongyue Group LimitedHKSE
1340191.HKLai Sun Garment (International) LimitedHKSE
1350194.HKLiu Chong Hing Investment LimitedHKSE
1360196.HKHonghua Group LimitedHKSE
1370197.HKHeng Tai Consumables Group LimitedHKSE
1380199.HKITC Properties Group LimitedHKSE
1390200.HKMelco International Development LimitedHKSE
1400201.HKMagnificent Hotel Investments LimitedHKSE
1410205.HKSEEC Media Group LimitedHKSE
1420206.HKCMIC Ocean En-Tech Holding Co., Ltd.HKSE
1430207.HKJoy City Property LimitedHKSE
1440211.HKStyland Holdings LimitedHKSE
1450214.HKAsia Orient Holdings LimitedHKSE
1460215.HKHutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings LimitedHKSE
1470217.HKChina Chengtong Development Group LimitedHKSE
1480218.HKShenwan Hongyuan (H.K.) LimitedHKSE
1490219.HKShun Ho Property Investments LimitedHKSE
1500220.HKUni-President China Holdings LtdHKSE
1510222.HKMin Xin Holdings LimitedHKSE
1520223.HKElife Holdings LimitedHKSE
1530227.HKFirst Shanghai Investments LimitedHKSE
1540228.HKChina Energy Development Holdings LimitedHKSE
1550230.HKMinmetals Land LimitedHKSE
1560232.HKAVIC International Holding (HK) LimitedHKSE
1570235.HKChina Strategic Holdings LimitedHKSE
1580236.HKSan Miguel Brewery Hong Kong LimitedHKSE
1590237.HKSafety Godown Company, LimitedHKSE
1600239.HKPak Fah Yeow International LimitedHKSE
1610240.HKBuild King Holdings LimitedHKSE
1620241.HKAlibaba Health Information Technology LimitedHKSE
1630242.HKShun Tak Holdings LimitedHKSE
1640243.HKQPL International Holdings LimitedHKSE
1650244.HKThe Sincere Company, LimitedHKSE
1660251.HKS E A Holdings LimitedHKSE
1670253.HKShun Ho Holdings LimitedHKSE
1680255.HKLung Kee (Bermuda) Holdings LimitedHKSE
1690256.HKCitychamp Watch & Jewellery Group LimitedHKSE
1700257.HKChina Everbright Environment Group LimitedHKSE
1710258.HKTomson Group LimitedHKSE
1720259.HKYeebo (International Holdings) LimitedHKSE
1730262.HKDeson Development International Holdings LimitedHKSE
1740264.HKChina International Development Corporation LimitedHKSE
1760268.HKKingdee International Software Group Company LimitedHKSE
1770269.HKChina Resources and Transportation Group LimitedHKSE
1780270.HKGuangdong Investment LimitedHKSE
1790271.HKAsiasec Properties LimitedHKSE
1800272.HKShui On Land LimitedHKSE
1810273.HKMason Group Holdings LimitedHKSE
1820274.HKChina Billion Resources LimitedHKSE
1830276.HKMongolia Energy Corporation LimitedHKSE
1840279.HKFreeman FinTech Corporation LimitedHKSE
1850280.HKKing Fook Holdings LimitedHKSE
1860281.HKRivera (Holdings) LimitedHKSE
1870285.HKBYD Electronic (International) Company LimitedHKSE
1880286.HKAidigong Maternal & Child Health LimitedHKSE
1890288.HKWH Group LimitedHKSE
1900289.HKWing On Company International LimitedHKSE
1910290.HKChina Fortune Financial Group LimitedHKSE
1920291.HKChina Resources Beer (Holdings) Company LimitedHKSE
1930292.HKAsia Standard Hotel Group LimitedHKSE
1940293.HKCathay Pacific Airways LimitedHKSE
1950295.HKKong Sun Holdings LimitedHKSE
1960296.HKEmperor Entertainment Hotel LimitedHKSE
1970297.HKSinofert Holdings LimitedHKSE
1980299.HKGlory Sun Land Group LimitedHKSE
1990301.HKSANVO Fine Chemicals Group LimitedHKSE
2000302.HKCMGE Technology Group LimitedHKSE
2010303.HKVtech Holdings LimitedHKSE
2020305.HKWuling Motors Holdings LimitedHKSE
2030306.HKKwoon Chung Bus Holdings LimitedHKSE
2040308.HKChina Travel International Investment Hong Kong LimitedHKSE
2050309.HKXinhua News Media Holdings LimitedHKSE
2060312.HKShirble Department Store Holdings (China) LimitedHKSE
2070313.HKRichly Field China Development LimitedHKSE
2080315.HKSmarTone Telecommunications Holdings LimitedHKSE
2090316.HKOrient Overseas (International) LimitedHKSE
2100317.HKCSSC Offshore & Marine Engineering (Group) Company LimitedHKSE
2110321.HKTexwinca Holdings LimitedHKSE
2120322.HKTingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp.HKSE
2130323.HKMaanshan Iron & Steel Company LimitedHKSE
2140326.HKChina Star Entertainment LimitedHKSE
2150327.HKPAX Global Technology LimitedHKSE
2160328.HKAlco Holdings LimitedHKSE
2170329.HKOCI International Holdings LimitedHKSE
2180330.HKEsprit Holdings LimitedHKSE
2190331.HKFSE Services Group LimitedHKSE
2200332.HKYuan Heng Gas Holdings LimitedHKSE
2210333.HKTop Form International LimitedHKSE
2220334.HKChina Display Optoelectronics Technology Holdings LimitedHKSE
2230335.HKUpbest Group LimitedHKSE
2240336.HKHuabao International Holdings LimitedHKSE
2250337.HKGreenland Hong Kong Holdings LimitedHKSE
2260338.HKSinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company LimitedHKSE
2270340.HKTongguan Gold Group LimitedHKSE
2280341.HKCafé de Coral Holdings LimitedHKSE
2290343.HKCulturecom Holdings LimitedHKSE
2300345.HKVitasoy International Holdings LimitedHKSE
2310346.HKYanchang Petroleum International LimitedHKSE
2320347.HKAngang Steel Company LimitedHKSE
2330348.HKChina Healthwise Holdings LimitedHKSE
2340351.HKAsia Energy Logistics Group LimitedHKSE
2350353.HKEnergy International Investments Holdings LimitedHKSE
2360354.HKChinasoft International LimitedHKSE
2370355.HKCentury City International Holdings LimitedHKSE
2380356.HKDT Capital LimitedHKSE
2390357.HKHainan Meilan International Airport Company LimitedHKSE
2400358.HKJiangxi Copper Company LimitedHKSE
2410360.HKNew Focus Auto Tech Holdings LimitedHKSE
2420361.HKSino Golf Holdings LimitedHKSE
2430362.HKXinyang Maojian Group LimitedHKSE
2440363.HKShanghai Industrial Holdings LimitedHKSE
2450365.HKSino ICT Holdings LimitedHKSE
2460366.HKLuks Group (Vietnam Holdings) Company LimitedHKSE
2470369.HKWing Tai Properties LimitedHKSE
2480370.HKChina Best Group Holding LimitedHKSE
2490371.HKBeijing Enterprises Water Group LimitedHKSE
2500373.HKAllied Group LimitedHKSE
2510375.HKYGM Trading LimitedHKSE
2520376.HKYunfeng Financial Group LimitedHKSE
2530380.HKSoftpower International LimitedHKSE
2540381.HKKiu Hung International Holdings LimitedHKSE
2550382.HKEdvantage Group Holdings LimitedHKSE
2560383.HKChina Medical & HealthCare Group LimitedHKSE
2570384.HKChina Gas Holdings LimitedHKSE
2580386.HKChina Petroleum & Chemical CorporationHKSE
2590388.HKHong Kong Exchanges and Clearing LimitedHKSE
2600389.HKChina Tontine Wines Group LimitedHKSE
2610390.HKChina Railway Group LimitedHKSE
2620392.HKBeijing Enterprises Holdings LimitedHKSE
2630393.HKGlorious Sun Enterprises LimitedHKSE
2640397.HKPower Financial Group LimitedHKSE
2650398.HKOriental Watch Holdings LimitedHKSE
2660399.HKInnovative Pharmaceutical Biotech LimitedHKSE
2670400.HKCogobuy GroupHKSE
2680403.HKStarlite Holdings LimitedHKSE
2690405.HKYuexiu Real Estate Investment TrustHKSE
2700410.HKSOHO China LimitedHKSE
2710412.HKChina Shandong Hi-Speed Financial Group LimitedHKSE
2720417.HKTse Sui Luen Jewellery (International) LimitedHKSE
2730418.HKFounder Holdings LimitedHKSE
2740419.HKHuayi Tencent Entertainment Company LimitedHKSE
2750420.HKFountain Set (Holdings) LimitedHKSE
2760422.HKVietnam Manufacturing and Export Processing (Holdings) LimitedHKSE
2770423.HKHong Kong Economic Times Holdings LimitedHKSE
2780425.HKMinth Group LimitedHKSE
2790426.HKOne Media Group LimitedHKSE
2800428.HKCocoon Holdings LimitedHKSE
2810431.HKGreater China Financial Holdings LimitedHKSE
2820432.HKPacific Century Premium Developments LimitedHKSE
2830434.HKBoyaa Interactive International LimitedHKSE
2840435.HKSunlight Real Estate Investment TrustHKSE
2850436.HKNew Universe Environmental Group LimitedHKSE
2860438.HKIRICO Group New Energy Company LimitedHKSE
2870439.HKKuangChi Science LimitedHKSE
2880440.HKDah Sing Financial Holdings LimitedHKSE
2890444.HKSincere Watch (Hong Kong) LimitedHKSE
2900450.HKHung Hing Printing Group LimitedHKSE
2910451.HKGCL New Energy Holdings LimitedHKSE
2920455.HKTianda Pharmaceuticals LimitedHKSE
2930458.HKTristate Holdings LimitedHKSE
2940459.HKMidland IC&I LimitedHKSE
2950460.HKSihuan Pharmaceutical Holdings Group Ltd.HKSE
2960464.HKChina Overseas Nuoxin International Holdings LimitedHKSE
2970467.HKUnited Energy Group LimitedHKSE
2980468.HKGreatview Aseptic Packaging Company LimitedHKSE
2990471.HKCMMB Vision Holdings LimitedHKSE
3000474.HKAceso Life Science Group LimitedHKSE
3010475.HKCentral Development Holdings LimitedHKSE
3020476.HKChina Dynamics (Holdings) LimitedHKSE
3030480.HKHKR International LimitedHKSE
3040483.HKBauhaus International (Holdings) LimitedHKSE
3050484.HKForgame Holdings LimitedHKSE
3060485.HKChina Sinostar Group Company LimitedHKSE
3070486.HKUnited Company RUSAL PlcHKSE
3080487.HKSuccess Universe Group LimitedHKSE
3090488.HKLai Sun Development Company LimitedHKSE
3100489.HKDongfeng Motor Group Company LimitedHKSE
3110491.HKEmperor Culture Group LimitedHKSE
3120493.HKGOME Retail Holdings LimitedHKSE
3130496.HKKasen International Holdings LimitedHKSE
3140497.HKCSI Properties LimitedHKSE
3150498.HKPYI Corporation LimitedHKSE
3160499.HKQingdao Holdings International LimitedHKSE
3180503.HKLansen Pharmaceutical Holdings LimitedHKSE
3190505.HKXingye Alloy Materials Group LimitedHKSE
3200506.HKChina Foods LimitedHKSE
3210508.HKDingyi Group Investment LimitedHKSE
3220509.HKCentury Sunshine Group Holdings LimitedHKSE
3230511.HKTelevision Broadcasts LimitedHKSE
3240512.HKChina Grand Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Holdings LimitedHKSE
3250515.HKChina Silver Technology Holdings LimitedHKSE
3260517.HKCOSCO SHIPPING International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.HKSE
3270518.HKTungtex (Holdings) Company LimitedHKSE
3280520.HKXiabuxiabu Catering Management (China) Holdings Co., Ltd.HKSE
3290521.HKCWT International LimitedHKSE
3300522.HKASM Pacific Technology LimitedHKSE
3310524.HKGreat Wall Belt & Road Holdings LimitedHKSE
3320525.HKGuangshen Railway Company LimitedHKSE
3330526.HKChina Automobile New Retail (Holdings) LimitedHKSE
3340527.HKChina Ruifeng Renewable Energy Holdings LimitedHKSE
3350528.HKKingdom Holdings LimitedHKSE
3360531.HKSamson Holding Ltd.HKSE
3370533.HKGoldlion Holdings LimitedHKSE
3380535.HKGemdale Properties and Investment Corporation LimitedHKSE
3390536.HKTradelink Electronic Commerce LimitedHKSE
3400538.HKAjisen (China) Holdings LimitedHKSE
3410542.HKTFG International Group LimitedHKSE
3420543.HKPacific Online LimitedHKSE
3430546.HKFufeng Group LimitedHKSE
3440547.HKDigital Domain Holdings LimitedHKSE
3450548.HKShenzhen Expressway Company LimitedHKSE
3460550.HKKK Culture Holdings LimitedHKSE
3470551.HKYue Yuen Industrial (Holdings) LimitedHKSE
3480552.HKChina Communications Services Corporation LimitedHKSE
3490553.HKNanjing Panda Electronics Company LimitedHKSE
3500554.HKHans Energy Company LimitedHKSE
3510556.HKPan Asia Environmental Protection Group LimitedHKSE
3520558.HKL.K. Technology Holdings LimitedHKSE
3530559.HKDeTai New Energy Group LimitedHKSE
3540560.HKChu Kong Shipping Enterprises (Group) Company LimitedHKSE
3550563.HKShanghai Industrial Urban Development Group LimitedHKSE
3560564.HKZhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Company LimitedHKSE
3570568.HKShandong Molong Petroleum Machinery Company LimitedHKSE
3580570.HKChina Traditional Chinese Medicine Holdings Co. LimitedHKSE
3590572.HKFuture World Holdings LimitedHKSE
3600573.HKTao Heung Holdings LimitedHKSE
3610575.HKRegent Pacific Group LimitedHKSE
3620576.HKZhejiang Expressway Co., Ltd.HKSE
3630579.HKBeijing Jingneng Clean Energy Co., LimitedHKSE
3640580.HKSun.King Technology Group LimitedHKSE
3650581.HKChina Oriental Group Company LimitedHKSE
3660582.HKLanding International Development LimitedHKSE
3670585.HKImagi International Holdings LimitedHKSE
3680586.HKChina Conch Venture Holdings LimitedHKSE
3690587.HKChina Conch Environment Protection Holdings LimitedHKSE
3700588.HKBeijing North Star Company LimitedHKSE
3710590.HKLuk Fook Holdings (International) LimitedHKSE
3720592.HKBossini International Holdings LimitedHKSE
3730593.HKDreamEast Group LimitedHKSE
3740595.HKAV Concept Holdings LimitedHKSE
3750596.HKInspur International LimitedHKSE
3760598.HKSinotrans LimitedHKSE
3770599.HKE. Bon Holdings LimitedHKSE
3780603.HKChina Oil And Gas Group LimitedHKSE
3790604.HKShenzhen Investment LimitedHKSE
3800606.HKSCE Intelligent Commercial Management Holdings LimitedHKSE
3810607.HKFullshare Holdings LimitedHKSE
3820609.HKTiande Chemical Holdings LimitedHKSE
3830610.HKWai Kee Holdings LimitedHKSE
3840611.HKChina Nuclear Energy Technology Corporation LimitedHKSE
3850612.HKChina Ding Yi Feng Holdings LimitedHKSE
3860613.HKPlanetree International Development LimitedHKSE
3870616.HKEminence Enterprise LimitedHKSE
3880617.HKPaliburg Holdings LimitedHKSE
3890618.HKPeking University Resources (Holdings) Company LimitedHKSE
3900620.HKDTXS Silk Road Investment Holdings Company LimitedHKSE
3910621.HKTaung Gold International LimitedHKSE
3920622.HKOshidori International Holdings LimitedHKSE
3930623.HKSinoMedia Holding LimitedHKSE
3940626.HKPublic Financial Holdings LimitedHKSE
3950628.HKGome Finance Technology Co., Ltd.HKSE
3960629.HKYue Da International Holdings LimitedHKSE
3970631.HKSany Heavy Equipment International Holdings Company LimitedHKSE
3980632.HKCHK Oil LimitedHKSE
3990635.HKPlaymates Holdings LimitedHKSE
4000636.HKKerry Logistics Network LimitedHKSE
4010637.HKLee Kee Holdings LimitedHKSE
4020638.HKKin Yat Holdings LimitedHKSE
4030639.HKShougang Fushan Resources Group LimitedHKSE
4040646.HKChina Environmental Technology Holdings LimitedHKSE
4050650.HKIDG Energy Investment LimitedHKSE
4060655.HKHongkong Chinese LimitedHKSE
4070656.HKFosun International LimitedHKSE
4080658.HKChina High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co., Ltd.HKSE
4090659.HKNWS Holdings LimitedHKSE
4100660.HKWai Chun Bio-Technology LimitedHKSE
4110661.HKChina Daye Non-Ferrous Metals Mining LimitedHKSE
4120662.HKAsia Financial Holdings LimitedHKSE
4130663.HKKing Stone Energy Group LimitedHKSE
4140665.HKHaitong International Securities Group LimitedHKSE
4150667.HKChina East Education Holdings LimitedHKSE
4160669.HKTechtronic Industries Company LimitedHKSE
4170670.HKChina Eastern Airlines Corporation LimitedHKSE
4180672.HKZhong An Group LimitedHKSE
4190673.HKChina Health Group LimitedHKSE
4200674.HKChina Tangshang Holdings LimitedHKSE
4210677.HKGolden Resources Development International LimitedHKSE
4220681.HKChinese People Holdings Company LimitedHKSE
4230682.HKChaoda Modern Agriculture (Holdings) LimitedHKSE
4240683.HKKerry Properties LimitedHKSE
4250684.HKAllan International Holdings LimitedHKSE
4260686.HKBeijing Energy International Holding Co., Ltd.HKSE
4270688.HKChina Overseas Land & Investment LimitedHKSE
4280689.HKEPI (Holdings) LimitedHKSE
4290690.HKUni-Bio Science Group LimitedHKSE
4300691.HKChina Shanshui Cement Group LimitedHKSE
4310694.HKBeijing Capital International Airport Company LimitedHKSE
4320695.HKDongwu Cement International LimitedHKSE
4330696.HKTravelSky Technology LimitedHKSE
4340697.HKShoucheng Holdings LimitedHKSE
4350698.HKTongda Group Holdings LimitedHKSE
4360699.HKCAR Inc.HKSE
4380702.HKSino Oil and Gas Holdings LimitedHKSE
4390703.HKFuture Bright Holdings LimitedHKSE
4400707.HKAsia Television Holdings LimitedHKSE
4410709.HKGiordano International LimitedHKSE
4420710.HKBOE Varitronix LimitedHKSE
4430711.HKAsia Allied Infrastructure Holdings LimitedHKSE
4440712.HKComtec Solar Systems Group LimitedHKSE
4450713.HKWorld Houseware (Holdings) LimitedHKSE
4460715.HKChina Oceanwide Holdings LimitedHKSE
4470716.HKSingamas Container Holdings LimitedHKSE
4480717.HKEmperor Capital Group LimitedHKSE
4490718.HKTai United Holdings LimitedHKSE
4500719.HKShandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Company LimitedHKSE
4510720.HKAuto Italia Holdings LimitedHKSE
4520721.HKChina Financial International Investments LimitedHKSE
4530722.HKUMP Healthcare Holdings LimitedHKSE
4540726.HKDIT Group LimitedHKSE
4550727.HKCrown International Corporation LimitedHKSE
4560728.HKChina Telecom Corporation LimitedHKSE
4570730.HKShougang Concord Grand (Group) LimitedHKSE
4580731.HKSamson Paper Holdings LimitedHKSE
4590732.HKTruly International Holdings LimitedHKSE
4600733.HKHopefluent Group Holdings LimitedHKSE
4610737.HKShenzhen Investment Holdings Bay Area Development Company LimitedHKSE
4620743.HKAsia Cement (China) Holdings CorporationHKSE
4630745.HKChina National Culture Group LimitedHKSE
4640746.HKLee & Man Chemical Company LimitedHKSE
4650750.HKChina Shuifa Singyes Energy Holdings LimitedHKSE
4660751.HKSkyworth Group LimitedHKSE
4670752.HKPico Far East Holdings LimitedHKSE
4680753.HKAir China LimitedHKSE
4690754.HKHopson Development Holdings LimitedHKSE
4700755.HKShanghai Zendai Property LimitedHKSE
4710757.HKSolargiga Energy Holdings LimitedHKSE
4720759.HKCEC International Holdings LimitedHKSE
4730760.HKTalent Property Group LimitedHKSE
4740762.HKChina Unicom (Hong Kong) LimitedHKSE
4750763.HKZTE CorporationHKSE
4760767.HKAsia Pacific Silk Road Investment Company LimitedHKSE
4770769.HKChina Rare Earth Holdings LimitedHKSE
4780770.HKShanghai International Shanghai Growth Investment LimitedHKSE
4790771.HKAutomated Systems Holdings LimitedHKSE
4800772.HKChina Literature LimitedHKSE
4810776.HKImperium Group Global Holdings LimitedHKSE
4820777.HKNetDragon Websoft Holdings LimitedHKSE
4830778.HKFortune Real Estate Investment TrustHKSE
4840780.HKTongcheng-Elong Holdings LimitedHKSE
4850784.HKLing Yui Holdings LimitedHKSE
4860788.HKChina Tower Corporation LimitedHKSE
4870798.HKChina Electronics Optics Valley Union Holding Company LimitedHKSE
4880799.HKIGG IncHKSE
4890800.HKA8 New Media Group LimitedHKSE
4900804.HKPinestone Capital LimitedHKSE
4910806.HKValue Partners Group LimitedHKSE
4920807.HKSIIC Environment Holdings Ltd.HKSE
4930808.HKProsperity Real Estate Investment TrustHKSE
4940809.HKGlobal Bio-chem Technology Group Company LimitedHKSE
4950811.HKXinhua Winshare Publishing and Media Co., Ltd.HKSE
4960812.HKSouthwest Securities International Securities LimitedHKSE
4970815.HKChina Silver Group LimitedHKSE
4980816.HKJinmao Property Services Co., LimitedHKSE
4990817.HKChina Jinmao Holdings Group LimitedHKSE
5000818.HKHi Sun Technology (China) LimitedHKSE
5010819.HKTianneng Power International LimitedHKSE
5020821.HKValue Convergence Holdings LimitedHKSE
5030822.HKKa Shui International Holdings LimitedHKSE
5040823.HKLink Real Estate Investment TrustHKSE
5050825.HKNew World Department Store China LimitedHKSE
5060826.HKTiangong International Company LimitedHKSE
5070827.HKKo Yo Chemical (Group) LimitedHKSE
5080828.HKDynasty Fine Wines Group LimitedHKSE
5090829.HKShenguan Holdings (Group) LimitedHKSE
5100830.HKChina State Construction Development Holdings LimitedHKSE
5110831.HKConvenience Retail Asia LimitedHKSE
5120832.HKCentral China Real Estate LimitedHKSE
5130836.HKChina Resources Power Holdings Company LimitedHKSE
5140838.HKEVA Precision Industrial Holdings LimitedHKSE
5150839.HKChina Education Group Holdings LimitedHKSE
5160841.HKAsia Cassava Resources Holdings LimitedHKSE
5170842.HKLeoch International Technology LimitedHKSE
5180845.HKGlorious Property Holdings LimitedHKSE
5190848.HKMaoye International Holdings LimitedHKSE
5200853.HKMicroPort Scientific CorporationHKSE
5210855.HKChina Water Affairs Group LimitedHKSE
5220856.HKVSTECS Holdings LimitedHKSE
5230857.HKPetroChina Company LimitedHKSE
5240858.HKExtrawell Pharmaceutical Holdings LimitedHKSE
5250860.HKApollo Future Mobility Group LimitedHKSE
5260861.HKDigital China Holdings LimitedHKSE
5270862.HKVision Values Holdings LimitedHKSE
5280863.HKBC Technology Group LimitedHKSE
5290865.HKJiande International Holdings LimitedHKSE
5300866.HKChina Qinfa Group LimitedHKSE
5310867.HKChina Medical System Holdings LimitedHKSE
5320868.HKXinyi Glass Holdings LimitedHKSE
5330869.HKPlaymates Toys LimitedHKSE
5340873.HKShimao Services Holdings LimitedHKSE
5350874.HKGuangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings Company LimitedHKSE
5360875.HKChina Finance Investment Holdings LimitedHKSE
5370876.HKKaisa Health Group Holdings LimitedHKSE
5380878.HKSoundwill Holdings LimitedHKSE
5390880.HKSJM Holdings LimitedHKSE
5400881.HKZhongsheng Group Holdings LimitedHKSE
5410882.HKTianjin Development Holdings LimitedHKSE
5420883.HKCNOOC LimitedHKSE
5430884.HKCIFI Holdings (Group) Co. Ltd.HKSE
5440887.HKEmperor Watch & Jewellery LimitedHKSE
5450888.HKBison Finance Group LimitedHKSE
5460893.HKChina Vanadium Titano-Magnetite Mining Company LimitedHKSE
5470895.HKDongjiang Environmental Company LimitedHKSE
5480896.HKHanison Construction Holdings LimitedHKSE
5490897.HKWai Yuen Tong Medicine Holdings LimitedHKSE
5500900.HKAEON Credit Service (Asia) Company LimitedHKSE
5510901.HKGoldstone Investment Group LimitedHKSE
5520902.HKHuaneng Power International, Inc.HKSE
5530906.HKCPMC Holdings LimitedHKSE
5540907.HKElegance Optical International Holdings LimitedHKSE
5550909.HKMing Yuan Cloud Group Holdings LimitedHKSE
5560911.HKQianhai Health Holdings LimitedHKSE
5570912.HKSuga International Holdings LimitedHKSE
5580914.HKAnhui Conch Cement Company LimitedHKSE
5590915.HKDaohe Global Group LimitedHKSE
5600916.HKChina Longyuan Power Group Corporation LimitedHKSE
5610918.HKState Energy Group International Assets Holdings LimitedHKSE
5620919.HKModern Healthcare Technology Holdings LimitedHKSE
5630921.HKHisense Home Appliances Group Co., Ltd.HKSE
5640922.HKAnxian Yuan China Holdings LimitedHKSE
5650923.HKIntegrated Waste Solutions Group Holdings LimitedHKSE
5660924.HKKhoon Group LimitedHKSE
5670925.HKBeijing Properties (Holdings) LimitedHKSE
5680926.HKBesunyen Holdings Company LimitedHKSE
5690927.HKFujikon Industrial Holdings LimitedHKSE
5700928.HKLife Healthcare Group LimitedHKSE
5710929.HKIPE Group LimitedHKSE
5720931.HKChina LNG Group LimitedHKSE
5730932.HKShunten International (Holdings) LimitedHKSE
5740934.HKSinopec Kantons Holdings LimitedHKSE
5750939.HKChina Construction Bank CorporationHKSE
5760941.HKChina Mobile LimitedHKSE
5770945.HKManulife Financial CorporationHKSE
5780947.HKMOBI Development Co., Ltd.HKSE
5790948.HKAlpha Professional Holdings LimitedHKSE
5800951.HKChaowei Power Holdings LimitedHKSE
5810952.HKChina Tonghai International Financial LimitedHKSE
5820953.HKShaw Brothers Holdings LimitedHKSE
5830954.HKChangmao Biochemical Engineering Company LimitedHKSE
5840956.HKChina Suntien Green Energy Corporation LimitedHKSE
5850959.HKCentury Entertainment International Holdings LimitedHKSE
5860960.HKLongfor Group Holdings LimitedHKSE
5870966.HKChina Taiping Insurance Holdings Company LimitedHKSE
5890975.HKMongolian Mining CorporationHKSE
5900976.HKChiho Environmental Group LimitedHKSE
5910978.HKChina Merchants Land LimitedHKSE
5920979.HKGreen Energy Group LimitedHKSE
5930980.HKLianhua Supermarket Holdings Co., Ltd.HKSE
5950982.HKHJ Capital (International) Holdings Company LimitedHKSE
5960983.HKSOCAM Development LimitedHKSE
5970984.HKAEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., LimitedHKSE
5980985.HKCST Group LimitedHKSE
5990986.HKChina Environmental Energy Investment LimitedHKSE
6000987.HKChina Renewable Energy Investment LimitedHKSE
6010989.HKGround International Development LimitedHKSE
6020990.HKTheme International Holdings LimitedHKSE
6030991.HKDatang International Power Generation Co., Ltd.HKSE
6050993.HKHuarong International Financial Holdings LimitedHKSE
6060994.HKCT Vision (International) Holdings LimitedHKSE
6070995.HKAnhui Expressway Company LimitedHKSE
6080997.HKChinlink International Holdings LimitedHKSE
6101001.HKHong Kong Shanghai Alliance Holdings LtdHKSE
6111003.HKHuanxi Media Group LtdHKSE
6121010.HKPacRay International Holdings LtdHKSE
6131011.HKChina NT Pharma Group Company LtdHKSE
6141013.HKWai Chun Group Holdings LtdHKSE
6151020.HKCybernaut International Holdings Co LtdHKSE
6161022.HKFeiyu Technology International Company LtdHKSE
6171023.HKSitoy Group Holdings LtdHKSE
6181024.HKKuaishou Technology Co LtdHKSE
6191025.HKKNT Holdings LtdHKSE
6201028.HKC.banner International Holdings LtdHKSE
6211029.HKIRC LtdHKSE
6221030.HKSeazen Group LtdHKSE
6231031.HKKingston Financial Group LtdHKSE
6241033.HKSinopec Oilfield Service CorporationHKSE
6251034.HKFullwealth Construction Holdings Co LtdHKSE
6261036.HKVanke Overseas Investment Holding Co LtdHKSE
6271037.HKMaxnerva Technology Services LtdHKSE
6281038.HKCK Infrastructure Holdings LtdHKSE
6291039.HKChangyou Alliance Group LtdHKSE
6301044.HKHengan International Group Company LtdHKSE
6311045.HKAPT Satellite Holdings LtdHKSE
6321046.HKUniverse Entertainment and Culture Group Company LtdHKSE
6331049.HKCelestial Asia Securities Holdings LtdHKSE
6341050.HKKarrie International Holdings LtdHKSE
6351051.HKG-Resources Group LtdHKSE
6361052.HKYuexiu Transport infrastructure LtdHKSE
6371053.HKChongqing Iron & Steel Company LimitedHKSE
6381055.HKChina Southern Airlines Company LimitedHKSE
6391057.HKZhejiang Shibao Company LimitedHKSE
6401059.HKKantone Holdings LtdHKSE
6411060.HKAlibaba Pictures Group LtdHKSE
6421061.HKEssex Bio-Technology LtdHKSE
6431063.HKSuncorp Technologies LtdHKSE
6441065.HKTianjin Capital Environmental Protection Group Company LimitedHKSE
6451066.HKShandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Co LtdHKSE
6461068.HKChina Yurun Food Group LtdHKSE
6471070.HKTCL Electronics Holdings LtdHKSE
6481071.HKHuadian Power International Corporation LimitedHKSE
6491072.HKDongfang Electric Corporation LimitedHKSE
6501073.HKDa Yu Financial Holdings LtdHKSE
6511075.HKCapinfo Company LtdHKSE
6521080.HKShengli Oil & Gas Pipe Holdings LtdHKSE
6531082.HKHong Kong Education Intl Investments LtdHKSE
6541083.HKTowngas China Company LtdHKSE
6551084.HKGreen Future Food Hydrocolloid Marine Science Co LtdHKSE
6561085.HKHengxin Technology LtdHKSE
6571086.HKGoodbaby International Holdings LtdHKSE
6581087.HKInvesTech Holdings LtdHKSE
6591088.HKChina Shenhua Energy Company LimitedHKSE
6601091.HKCitic Dameng Holdings LtdHKSE
6611093.HKCSPC Pharmaceutical Group LtdHKSE
6621094.HKChina Public Procurement LtdHKSE
6631097.HKi-CABLE Communications LtdHKSE
6641098.HKRoad King Infrastructure LtdHKSE
6661100.HKMainland Headwear Holdings LtdHKSE
6671101.HKChina Huarong Energy Co LtdHKSE
6681104.HKAPAC Resources LtdHKSE
6691105.HKSing Tao News Corp LtdHKSE
6701108.HKLuoyang Glass Company LimitedHKSE
6711109.HKChina Resources Land LtdHKSE
6721110.HKKingworld Medicines Group LtdHKSE
6731111.HKChong Hing Bank LtdHKSE
6741112.HKHealth and Happiness (H&H) International Holdings LtdHKSE
6751113.HKCK Asset Holdings LtdHKSE
6761114.HKBrilliance China Automotive Holdings LtdHKSE
6771115.HKTibet Water Resources LtdHKSE
6781117.HKChina Modern Dairy Holdings LtdHKSE
6791119.HKiDreamSky Technology Holdings LtdHKSE
6801120.HKArts Optical International Holdings LtdHKSE
6811121.HKBaofeng Modern International Holdings Company LtdHKSE
6821122.HKQingling Motors Co LtdHKSE
6831124.HKCoastal Greenland LtdHKSE
6841125.HKLai Fung Holdings LimitedHKSE
6851126.HKDream International LtdHKSE
6861127.HKLion Rock Group LtdHKSE
6871128.HKWynn Macau LtdHKSE
6881132.HKOrange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment (Holdings) LtdHKSE
6891133.HKHarbin Electric Co LtdHKSE
6901134.HKKelfred Holdings LtdHKSE
6911137.HKHong Kong Television Network LtdHKSE
6921138.HKCOSCO SHIPPING Energy Transportation Co., Ltd.HKSE
6931140.HKOP Financial LtdHKSE
6941141.HKCMBC Capital Holdings LtdHKSE
6951143.HKLink Asia International Co LtdHKSE
6961145.HKCourage Investment Group LtdHKSE
6971146.HKChina Outfitters Holdings LtdHKSE
6981147.HKEdensoft Holdings LtdHKSE
6991148.HKXinchen China Power Holdings LtdHKSE
7001153.HKJiayuan Services Holdings LimitedHKSE
7011157.HKZoomlion Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd.HKSE
7021159.HKStarlight Culture Entertainment Group LtdHKSE
7031161.HKWater Oasis Group LtdHKSE
7041163.HKAdtiger Corporations LimitedHKSE
7051164.HKCGN Mining Co LtdHKSE
7061165.HKShunfeng International Clean Energy LtdHKSE
7071166.HKSolartech International Holdings LtdHKSE
7081167.HKJacobio Pharmaceuticals Group Co., Ltd.HKSE
7091168.HKSinolink Worldwide Holdings LtdHKSE
7101170.HKKingmaker Footwear Holdings LtdHKSE
7111171.HKYankuang Energy Group Company LimitedHKSE
7121172.HKMagnus Concordia Group LtdHKSE
7131176.HKZhuguang Holdings Group Company LtdHKSE
7141177.HKSino Biopharmaceutical LtdHKSE
7151179.HKHuazhu Group LimitedHKSE
7161180.HKParadise Entertainment LtdHKSE
7171181.HKTang Palace (China) Holdings LtdHKSE
7181183.HKMECOM Power and Construction LtdHKSE
7191184.HKS.A.S. Dragon Holdings LtdHKSE
7201185.HKChina Energine International Holdings LtdHKSE
7211186.HKChina Railway Construction Corporation LimitedHKSE
7221189.HKGreater Bay Area Dynamic Growth Holding LtdHKSE
7231193.HKChina Resources Gas Group LtdHKSE
7241195.HKKingwell Group LtdHKSE
7251196.HKRealord Group Holdings LtdHKSE
7261198.HKRoyale Furniture Holdings LtdHKSE
7281200.HKMidland Holdings LtdHKSE
7291201.HKTesson Holdings LtdHKSE
7301202.HKChengdu PUTIAN Telecommunications Cable Co LtdHKSE
7311203.HKGDH Guangnan Holdings LtdHKSE
7321205.HKCITIC Resources Holdings LtdHKSE
7331206.HKTechnovator International LtdHKSE
7341207.HKSRE Group LtdHKSE
7351208.HKMMG LtdHKSE
7361209.HKChina Resources MixcHKSE
7371210.HKChristine International Holdings LtdHKSE
7381211.HKBYD Company LimitedHKSE
7391215.HKKai Yuan Holdings LtdHKSE
7401216.HKZhongyuan Bank Co LtdHKSE
7411218.HKEasyknit International Holdings LtdHKSE
7421222.HKWang On Group LtdHKSE
7431223.HKSymphony Holdings LtdHKSE
7441224.HKC C Land Holdings LtdHKSE
7451228.HKCANbridge Pharmaceuticals Inc.HKSE
7461229.HKNan Nan Resources Enterprise LtdHKSE
7471230.HKYashili International Holdings LtdHKSE
7481232.HKGolden Wheel Tiandi Holdings Company LtdHKSE
7491233.HKTimes China Holdings LtdHKSE
7501234.HKChina Lilang LtdHKSE
7511235.HKTravel Expert (Asia) Enterprises LtdHKSE
7521237.HKChina Environmental Technology and Bioenergy Holdings LtdHKSE
7531238.HKPowerlong Real Estate Holdings LtdHKSE
7541240.HKCNQC International Holdings LtdHKSE
7551243.HKWang On Properties LtdHKSE
7561245.HKNiraku GC Holdings IncHKSE
7571246.HKBoill Healthcare Holdings LtdHKSE
7581247.HKMiko International Holdings LtdHKSE
7591250.HKBeijing Enterprises Clean Energy Group LtdHKSE
7601251.HKSPT Energy Group IncHKSE
7611252.HKChina Tianrui Group Cement Co LtdHKSE
7621257.HKChina Everbright Greentech LtdHKSE
7631258.HKChina Nonferrous Mining Corp LtdHKSE
7641259.HKProsperous Future Holdings LtdHKSE
7651260.HKWonderful Sky Financial Group Holdings LtdHKSE
7661262.HKLabixiaoxin Snacks Group LtdHKSE
7671263.HKPc Partner Group LtdHKSE
7681265.HKTianjin Jinran Public Utilities Co LtdHKSE
7691266.HKXiwang Special Steel Co LtdHKSE
7701268.HKChina MeiDong Auto Holdings LtdHKSE
7711269.HKChina First Capital Group LtdHKSE
7721270.HKLangham Hospitality Investments LtdHKSE
7731271.HKGrand Ming Group Holdings LtdHKSE
7741277.HKKinetic Mines and Energy LtdHKSE
7751278.HKChina New Town Development Co LtdHKSE
7761280.HKQidian International Co LtdHKSE
7771282.HKGlory Sun Financial Group LtdHKSE
7781283.HKAccel Group Holdings LtdHKSE
7791285.HKJiashili Group LtdHKSE
7801286.HKImpro Precision Industries LtdHKSE
7811288.HKAgricultural Bank of China LimitedHKSE
7821290.HKChina Huirong Financial Holdings LtdHKSE
7831293.HKGrand Baoxin Auto Group LtdHKSE
7841296.HKGuodian Technology & Environment Group Corp LtdHKSE
7851297.HKSinosoft Technology Group LtdHKSE
7861299.HKAIA Group LtdHKSE
7871300.HKTrigiant Group LtdHKSE
7881301.HKD&G Technology Holding Co LtdHKSE
7891302.HKLifeTech Scientific CorpHKSE
7901305.HKWai Chi Holdings Co LtdHKSE
7911308.HKSITC International Holdings Co LtdHKSE
7921310.HKHKBN LtdHKSE
7931312.HKTongfang Kontafarma Holdings LtdHKSE
7941313.HKChina Resources Cement Holdings LtdHKSE
7951314.HKTsui Wah Holdings LtdHKSE
7961316.HKNexteer Automotive Group LtdHKSE
7971319.HKOi Wah Pawnshop Credit Holdings LtdHKSE
7981321.HKChina New City Commercial Development LtdHKSE
7991323.HKHuasheng International Holding LtdHKSE
8001328.HKGoldstream Investment LtdHKSE
8011330.HKDynagreen Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd.HKSE
8021332.HKChina Touyun Tech Group LtdHKSE
8031336.HKNew China Life Insurance Company Ltd.HKSE
8041337.HKRazer IncHKSE
8051338.HKBaWang International Group Holding LtdHKSE
8061340.HKHuisheng International Holdings LtdHKSE
8071341.HKHao Tian International Construction Investment Group LtdHKSE
8081343.HKWei Yuan Holdings LtdHKSE
8091345.HKChina Pioneer Pharma Holdings LtdHKSE
8101346.HKLever Style CorpHKSE
8111347.HKHua Hong Semiconductor LtdHKSE
8121348.HKQuali-Smart Holdings LtdHKSE
8141351.HKBright Future Technology Holdings LimitedHKSE
8151357.HKMeitu IncHKSE
8161358.HKPW Medtech Group LtdHKSE
8171359.HKChina Cinda Asset Management Co LtdHKSE
8181360.HKNOVA Group Holdings LtdHKSE
8191361.HK361 Degrees International LtdHKSE
8201366.HKJiangnan Group LtdHKSE
8211368.HKXtep International Holdings LtdHKSE
8221371.HKChina Lotsynergy Holdings LtdHKSE
8231372.HKBisu Technology Group International LtdHKSE
8241373.HKInternational Housewares Retail Co LtdHKSE
8251375.HKCentral China Securities Co., Ltd.HKSE
8261376.HKRaffles Interior LtdHKSE
8271378.HKChina Hongqiao Group LtdHKSE
8281380.HKChina Kingstone Mining Holdings LtdHKSE
8291381.HKCanvest Environmental Protection Group Company LtdHKSE
8301382.HKPacific Textiles Holdings LtdHKSE
8311383.HKSuncity Group Holdings LtdHKSE
8321385.HKShanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group Co LtdHKSE
8331388.HKEmbry Holdings LtdHKSE
8341389.HKMajor Holdings LtdHKSE
8351393.HKHidili Industry International Development LtdHKSE
8361397.HKBaguio Green Group LtdHKSE
8371398.HKIndustrial and Commercial Bank of China LimitedHKSE
8381399.HKScud Group LtdHKSE
8391400.HKMoody Technology Holdings LtdHKSE
8401402.HKi-CONTROL Holdings LtdHKSE
8411408.HKMacau E&M Holding LimitedHKSE
8421410.HKEdvance International Holdings LtdHKSE
8431412.HKQ P Group Holdings LtdHKSE
8441413.HKKwong Luen Engineering HldgHKSE
8451415.HKCowell e Holdings IncHKSE
8461416.HKCTR Holdings LtdHKSE
8471417.HKRiverine China Holdings LtdHKSE
8481419.HKHuman Health Holdings LtdHKSE
8491421.HKKingbostrike LtdHKSE
8501425.HKJustin Allen Holdings LtdHKSE
8511426.HKSpring Real Estate Investment TrustHKSE
8521427.HKChina Tianbao Group Development Co LtdHKSE
8531428.HKBright Smart Securities & Commodities Group LtdHKSE
8541429.HKSkymission Group Holdings LimitedHKSE
8551431.HKYuanShengTai Dairy Farm LtdHKSE
8561432.HKChina Shengmu Organic Milk LtdHKSE
8571433.HKCirtek Holdings LtdHKSE
8581440.HKDeyun Holdings LtdHKSE
8591442.HKInfinity Logistics and Transport Ventures LtdHKSE
8601443.HKFulum Group Holdings LtdHKSE
8611446.HKHung Fook Tong Group Holdings LtdHKSE
8621448.HKFu Shou Yuan International Group LtdHKSE
8631449.HKLeader Education LimitedHKSE
8641450.HKCentury Sage Scientific Holdings LtdHKSE
8651451.HKMS Group Holdings LtdHKSE
8661456.HKGuolian Securities Co LtdHKSE
8671458.HKZhou Hei Ya International Holdings Company LtdHKSE
8681459.HKJujiang Construction Group Co LtdHKSE
8691461.HKLuzheng Futures Co LtdHKSE
8701463.HKC-Link Squared LtdHKSE
8711466.HKAffluent Partners Holdings LtdHKSE
8721468.HKKingkey Financial International Holdings LtdHKSE
8731469.HKGet Nice Financial Group LtdHKSE
8741472.HKSang Hing Holdings International LtdHKSE
8751473.HKPangaea Connectivity Technology LimitedHKSE
8761475.HKNissin Foods Co LtdHKSE
8771477.HKOcumension TherapeuticsHKSE
8781478.HKQ Technology (Group) Co LtdHKSE
8791480.HKYan Tat Group Holdings LtdHKSE
8801481.HKSmart Globe Holdings LimitedHKSE
8811483.HKU Banquet Group Holding LtdHKSE
8821488.HKBest Food Holding Company LtdHKSE
8831490.HKCheshi Holdings LtdHKSE
8841495.HKJiyi Household International Holdings LtdHKSE
8851498.HKPuraPharm Corp LtdHKSE
8861499.HKOkg Technology Holdings LtdHKSE
8871501.HKShanghai Kindly Medical Instruments Co LtdHKSE
8881503.HKChina Merchants Commercial Real Estate Investment TrustHKSE
8891508.HKChina Reinsurance Group CorpHKSE
8901513.HKLivzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc.HKSE
8911515.HKChina Resources Medical Holdings Company LtdHKSE
8931518.HKNew Century Healthcare Holding Co LtdHKSE
8941520.HKCEFC Hong Kong Financial Investment Company LtdHKSE
8951521.HKFrontage Holdings CorpHKSE
8961522.HKBii Railway Transportation Technology Holdings Co LtdHKSE
8971523.HKPlover Bay Technologies LtdHKSE
8981525.HKShanghai Gench Education Group LtdHKSE
8991526.HKRici Healthcare Holdings LtdHKSE
9001528.HKRed Star Macalline Group Corporation Ltd.HKSE
9011529.HKGoal Rise Logistics (China) Holdings LtdHKSE
9021530.HK3SBio IncHKSE
9031532.HKChina Partytime Culture Holdings LtdHKSE
9051538.HKZhong Ao Home Group LtdHKSE
9061539.HKSynergy Group Holdings International LtdHKSE
9071540.HKLeft Field Printing Group LtdHKSE
9081543.HKGuangdong Join-Share Financing Guarantee Investment Co LtdHKSE
9091545.HKDesign Capital LtdHKSE
9101548.HKGenscript Biotech CorpHKSE
9111549.HKEver Harvest Group Holdings LtdHKSE
9121553.HKMaike Tube Industry Holdings LtdHKSE
9131555.HKMIE Holdings CorporationHKSE
9141558.HKYiChang HEC ChangJiang Pharmaceutical Co LtdHKSE
9151560.HKStar Properties Group (Cayman Islands) LtdHKSE
9161561.HKPan Asia Data Holdings IncHKSE
9171563.HKInternational Alliance Financial Leasing Co LtdHKSE
9181565.HKVirscend Education Company LtdHKSE
9191568.HKSundart Holdings LtdHKSE
9201569.HKMinsheng Education Group Company LtdHKSE
9211571.HKXin Point Holdings LtdHKSE
9221572.HKChina Art Financial Holdings LtdHKSE
9231575.HKMorris Holdings LtdHKSE
9241576.HKQilu Expressway Co LtdHKSE
9251578.HKBank of Tianjin Co LtdHKSE
9261579.HKYihai International Holding LtdHKSE
9271580.HKDa Sen Holdings Group LtdHKSE
9281583.HKQinqin Foodstuffs Group (Cayman) Company LtdHKSE
9291585.HKYadea Group Holdings LtdHKSE
9301586.HKChina Leon Inspection Holding LtdHKSE
9311587.HKShineroad International Holdings LtdHKSE
9321588.HKChanjet Information Technology Co LtdHKSE
9331589.HKChina Logistics Property Holdings Co LtdHKSE
9341591.HKShun Wo Group Holdings LtdHKSE
9351592.HKAnchorstone Holdings LtdHKSE
9361593.HKChen Lin Education Group Holdings LtdHKSE
9371596.HKHebei Yichen Industrial Group Corp LtdHKSE
9381597.HKChina Nature Energy Technology Holdings LimitedHKSE
9391598.HKChina 21st Century Education Group LtdHKSE
9401599.HKBeijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group Co LtdHKSE
9411600.HKChina Tian Lun Gas Holdings LtdHKSE
9421601.HKZhongguancun Science Tech Leasing Co LtdHKSE
9431606.HKChina Development Bank Financial Leasing Co LtdHKSE
9441608.HKVpower Group International Holdings LtdHKSE
9451610.HKCOFCO Meat Holdings LtdHKSE
9461611.HKHuobi Technology Holdings LtdHKSE
9471612.HKVincent Medical Holdings LtdHKSE
9481613.HKSynertone Communication CorpHKSE
9491617.HKNanfang Communication Holdings LtdHKSE
9501618.HKMetallurgical Corporation of China Ltd.HKSE
9511620.HKCteh IncHKSE
9521621.HKVico International Holdings LtdHKSE
9531622.HKRedco Properties Group LtdHKSE
9541623.HKHilong Holding LtdHKSE
9551626.HKJia Yao Holdings LtdHKSE
9561628.HKYuzhou Group Holdings Co LtdHKSE
9571629.HKChampion Alliance International Holdings LtdHKSE
9581630.HKKin Shing Holdings LtdHKSE
9591631.HKREF Holdings LtdHKSE
9601635.HKShanghai Dazhong Public Utilities(Group) Co.,Ltd.HKSE
9611636.HKChina Metal Resources Utilization LtdHKSE
9621639.HKAKM Industrial Co LtdHKSE
9631640.HKRuicheng China Media Group LtdHKSE
9641643.HKModern Chinese Medicine GrpHKSE
9651645.HKHaina Intelligent Equipment International Holdings LtdHKSE
9661647.HKGrandshores Technology Group LtdHKSE
9671650.HKHygieia Group LtdHKSE
9681651.HKPrecision Tsugami (China) Corporation LtdHKSE
9691652.HKFusen Pharmaceutical Company LtdHKSE
9701653.HKMOS House Group LtdHKSE
9711657.HKSG Group Holdings LimitedHKSE
9721658.HKPostal Savings Bank of China Co., Ltd.HKSE
9731660.HKZhaobangji Properties Holdings LtdHKSE
9741661.HKWisdom Sports GroupHKSE
9751663.HKSino Harbour Holdings Group LtdHKSE
9761665.HKPentamaster International LtdHKSE
9771666.HKTong Ren Tang Technologies Co LtdHKSE
9781667.HKMilestone Builder Holdings LtdHKSE
9791668.HKChina South City Holdings LtdHKSE
9801672.HKAscletis Pharma IncHKSE
9811675.HKAsiaInfo Technologies LtdHKSE
9821676.HKChina Shenghai Group LtdHKSE
9831679.HKRisecomm Group Holdings LtdHKSE
9841680.HKMacau Legend Development LtdHKSE
9851681.HKConsun Pharmaceutical Group LtdHKSE
9861683.HKHope Life International Holdings LtdHKSE
9871685.HKBoer Power Holdings LtdHKSE
9881686.HKSunevision Holdings LtdHKSE
9891689.HKHuaxi Holdings Company LtdHKSE
9901691.HKJS Global Lifestyle Co LtdHKSE
9911692.HKTown Ray Holdings LtdHKSE
9921696.HKSisram Medical LtdHKSE
9931697.HKShandong International Trust Co LtdHKSE
9941699.HKChina Putian Food Holding LtdHKSE
9951701.HKTu Yi Holding Co LtdHKSE
9961703.HKPalace Banquet Holdings LtdHKSE
9971705.HKB & S International Holdings LtdHKSE
9981708.HKNanjing Sample Technology Co LtdHKSE
9991709.HKDL Holdings Group LtdHKSE
10001710.HKTrio Industrial Electronics Group LtdHKSE
10011712.HKDragon Mining LtdHKSE
10021713.HKSichuan Energy Investment Development Co LtdHKSE
10031715.HKMiji International Holdings LtdHKSE
10041716.HKMost Kwai Chung LtdHKSE
10051717.HKAusnutria Dairy Corp LtdHKSE
10061722.HKKin Pang Holdings LtdHKSE
10071723.HKHK Asia Holdings LtdHKSE
10081725.HKEternity Technology Holdings LtdHKSE
10091726.HKHKE Holdings LtdHKSE
10101727.HKHebei Construction Group Corp LtdHKSE
10111728.HKChina ZhengTong Auto Services Holdings LtdHKSE
10121729.HKTime Interconnect Technology LtdHKSE
10131731.HKProsperous Industrial (Holdings) LtdHKSE
10141732.HKXiangxing International Holding LtdHKSE
10151733.HKE-Commodities Holdings LtdHKSE
10161735.HKCentral Holding Group Co LtdHKSE
10171736.HKChina Parenting Network Holdings LtdHKSE
10181737.HKA & S Group (Holdings) LimitedHKSE
10191739.HKQeeka Home (Cayman) IncHKSE
10201740.HKValues Cultural Investment LtdHKSE
10211742.HKHPC Holdings LtdHKSE
10221745.HKLvji Technology Holdings IncHKSE
10231746.HKMan Shun Group (Holdings) LtdHKSE
10241750.HKREM Group (Holdings) LtdHKSE
10251751.HKKingland Group Holdings LtdHKSE
10261752.HKTop Education Group LtdHKSE
10271753.HKDuiba Group LtdHKSE
10281755.HKS Enjoy Service Group Co LtdHKSE
10291756.HKHuali University Group LtdHKSE
10301760.HKIntron Technology Holdings LtdHKSE
10311761.HKBabyTree GroupHKSE
10321762.HKWanka Online IncHKSE
10331763.HKChina Isotope & Radiation CorpHKSE
10341765.HKHope Education Group Co LtdHKSE
10351766.HKCRRC Corporation LimitedHKSE
10361767.HKTS Wonders Holding LtdHKSE
10371769.HKScholar Education GroupHKSE
10381772.HKGanfeng Lithium Co., Ltd.HKSE
10391773.HKTianli Education International Holdings LtdHKSE
10401775.HKBexcellent Group Holdings LtdHKSE
10411776.HKGF Securities Co., Ltd.HKSE
10421780.HKB & D Strategic Holdings LtdHKSE
10431782.HKVixtel Technologies Holdings LtdHKSE
10441783.HKGolden Ponder Holdings LtdHKSE
10451785.HKChengdu Expressway Co LtdHKSE
10461786.HKCrcc High-Tech Equipment Corp LtdHKSE
10471787.HKShandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd.HKSE
10481788.HKGuotai Junan International Holdings LtdHKSE
10491789.HKAK Medical Holdings LtdHKSE
10501790.HKTIL Enviro LtdHKSE
10521796.HKYield Go Holdings LtdHKSE
10531797.HKKoolearn Technology Holding LtdHKSE
10541798.HKChina Datang Corp Renewable Power Co LtdHKSE
10551799.HKXinte Energy Co LtdHKSE
10561800.HKChina Communications Construction Company LimitedHKSE
10571801.HKInnovent Biologics IncHKSE
10581808.HKEnterprise Development Holdings LtdHKSE
10591809.HKPrinx Chengshan (Cayman) Holding LtdHKSE
10601810.HKXiaomi CorpHKSE
10611811.HKCGN New Energy Holdings Co LtdHKSE
10621812.HKShandong Chenming Paper Holdings LimitedHKSE
10631813.HKKWG Group Holdings LtdHKSE
10641815.HKCSMall Group LtdHKSE
10651816.HKCGN Power Co., Ltd.HKSE
10661817.HKMulsanne Group Holding LtdHKSE
10671818.HKZhaojin Mining Industry Co LtdHKSE
10681820.HKPacific Millennium Packaging Group CorpHKSE
10691821.HKESR Cayman LtdHKSE
10701823.HKHuayu Expressway Group LtdHKSE
10711825.HKSterling Group Holdings LtdHKSE
10721829.HKChina Machinery Engineering CorpHKSE
10731830.HKPerfect Shape Medical LtdHKSE
10741831.HKShifang Holding LtdHKSE
10751833.HKPing An Healthcare and Technology Co LtdHKSE
10761836.HKStella International Holdings LtdHKSE
10771837.HKNatural Food International Holding LtdHKSE
10781839.HKCIMC Vehicles Group Co LtdHKSE
10791842.HKGrown Up Group Investment Holdings LtdHKSE
10801843.HKSnack Empire Holdings LtdHKSE
10811846.HKEuroeyes International Eye Clinic LtdHKSE
10821848.HKChina Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings LtdHKSE
10831849.HKAm Group Holdings LtdHKSE
10841850.HKWINDMILL Group LtdHKSE
10851853.HKJilin Province Chuncheng Heating Co LtdHKSE
10861854.HKGoal Forward Holdings LtdHKSE
10871855.HKZONBONG LANDSCAPE Environmental LimitedHKSE
10881857.HKChina Everbright Water LtdHKSE
10891858.HKBeijing Chunlizhengda Medical Instruments Co LtdHKSE
10901859.HKChina Bright Culture GroupHKSE
10911860.HKMobvista IncHKSE
10921861.HKPrecious Dragon Technology Holdings LtdHKSE
10931865.HKPipeline Engineering Holdings LtdHKSE
10941866.HKChina Xlx Fertiliser LtdHKSE
10951868.HKNeo-Neon Holdings LtdHKSE
10961869.HKLi Bao Ge Group LtdHKSE
10971870.HKAcme International Holdings LtdHKSE
10981871.HKChina Oriented International Holdings LtdHKSE
10991872.HKGuan Chao Holdings LtdHKSE
11001873.HKVIVA Biotech HoldingsHKSE
11011875.HKTOT BIOPHARM International Co LtdHKSE
11021876.HKBudweiser Brewing Company APAC LtdHKSE
11041878.HKSouthGobi Resources LtdHKSE
11051881.HKRegal Real Estate Investment TrustHKSE
11061882.HKHaitian International Holdings LtdHKSE
11071883.HKCITIC Telecom International Holdings LtdHKSE
11081884.HKEprint Group LtdHKSE
11091888.HKKingboard Laminates Holdings LtdHKSE
11101890.HKChina Kepei Education Group LtdHKSE
11111891.HKHeng Hup Holdings LtdHKSE
11121896.HKMaoyan EntertainmentHKSE
11131897.HKMillion Hope Industries Holdings LtdHKSE
11141898.HKChina Coal Energy Company LimitedHKSE
11151899.HKXingda International Holdings LtdHKSE
11161901.HKFeiyang International Holdings Group LtdHKSE
11171902.HKYincheng International Holding Co LtdHKSE
11181905.HKHaitong UniTrust International Leasing Co LtdHKSE
11191906.HKBonny International Holding LtdHKSE
11201907.HKChina Risun Group LtdHKSE
11211908.HKC&D International Investment Group LtdHKSE
11221910.HKSamsonite International SAHKSE
11231911.HKChina Renaissance Holdings LtdHKSE
11241912.HKContel Technology Co LtdHKSE
11251913.HKPrada SpAHKSE
11261915.HKYangzhou Guangling District Taihe Rural Micro-finance Co LtdHKSE
11271916.HKJiangxi Bank Co LtdHKSE
11291919.HKCOSCO SHIPPING Holdings Co., Ltd.HKSE
11301920.HKHands Form Holdings LtdHKSE
11311921.HKDalipal Holdings LtdHKSE
11321922.HKYincheng Life Service Co LtdHKSE
11331927.HKJiujiuwang Food Intl LtdHKSE
11341928.HKSands China LtdHKSE
11351929.HKChow Tai Fook Jewellery Group LtdHKSE
11361930.HKShinelong Automotive Lightweight Application LtdHKSE
11371931.HKIvd Medical Holding LtdHKSE
11381935.HKJH Educational Technology INCHKSE
11391936.HKRitamix Global LtdHKSE
11401937.HKJiachen Holding Group LtdHKSE
11411938.HKChu Kong Petroleum and Natural Gas Steel Pipe Holdings LtdHKSE
11431941.HKYe Xing Group Holdings LtdHKSE
11441942.HKMOG Holdings LtdHKSE
11451943.HKSilver Tide Holdings LtdHKSE
11461945.HKZero2IPO Holdings IncHKSE
11471948.HKUju Holding LimitedHKSE
11481949.HKPlatt Nera International LtdHKSE
11491950.HKSunlight Technology Holdings LtdHKSE
11501951.HKJinxin Fertility Group LtdHKSE
11511952.HKEverest Medicines LimitedHKSE
11521953.HKRimbaco Group Global LtdHKSE
11531955.HKHong Kong Johnson Holdings Co LtdHKSE
11541958.HKBAIC Motor Corp LtdHKSE
11551959.HKCentenary United Holdings LtdHKSE
11561960.HKTBK & Sons Holdings LtdHKSE
11571961.HKJiu Zun Digital Interactive Entertainment Group Holdings LtdHKSE
11581962.HKEvergreen Products Group LtdHKSE
11591963.HKBank of Chongqing Co LtdHKSE
11601966.HKChina SCE Group Holdings LtdHKSE
11611967.HKConfidence Intelligence Holdings LtdHKSE
11621968.HKHingtex Holdings LtdHKSE
11631969.HKChina Chunlai Education Group Co., Ltd.HKSE
11641970.HKIMAX China Holding IncHKSE
11651971.HKRedsun Services Group LimitedHKSE
11661972.HKSwire Properties LtdHKSE
11671975.HKSun Hing Printing Holdings LtdHKSE
11681977.HKAnalogue Holdings LtdHKSE
11691978.HKLH Group LtdHKSE
11701979.HKTen Pao Group Holdings LtdHKSE
11711980.HKTian Ge Interactive Holdings LtdHKSE
11721981.HKCathay Media and Education Group Inc.HKSE
11731982.HKNameson Holdings LtdHKSE
11741983.HKLuzhou Bank Co LtdHKSE
11751985.HKMicroware Group LtdHKSE
11761986.HKTsaker Chemical Group LtdHKSE
11771987.HKBeng Soon Machinery Holdings LtdHKSE
11781988.HKChina Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd.HKSE
11791991.HKTa Yang Group Holdings LtdHKSE
11801992.HKFosun Tourism GroupHKSE
11811993.HKAsiaray Media Group LtdHKSE
11821995.HKEver Sunshine Lifestyle Services Group LtdHKSE
11831996.HKRedsun Properties Group LtdHKSE
11841997.HKWharf Real Estate Investment Company LtdHKSE
11851999.HKMan Wah Holdings LtdHKSE
11862000.HKSIM Technology Group LtdHKSE
11872001.HKChina New Higher Education Group LtdHKSE
11882002.HKChina Sunshine Paper Holdings Co LtdHKSE
11892003.HKVCREDIT Holdings LtdHKSE
11902005.HKSSY Group LtdHKSE
11912006.HKShanghai Jin Jiang Capital Co LtdHKSE
11922007.HKCountry Garden Holdings Co LtdHKSE
11932008.HKPhoenix Media Investment (Holdings) LtdHKSE
11942009.HKBBMG CorporationHKSE
11952011.HKChina Apex Group LtdHKSE
11962012.HKSunshine Oilsands LtdHKSE
11972013.HKWeimob IncHKSE
11982015.HKLi Auto Inc.HKSE
11992016.HKChina Zheshang Bank Co., LtdHKSE
12002018.HKAAC Technologies Holdings IncHKSE
12012019.HKDexin China Holdings Company LtdHKSE
12022020.HKANTA Sports Products LtdHKSE
12032022.HKDigital Hollywood Interactive LtdHKSE
12042023.HKChina Ludao Technology Company LtdHKSE
12052028.HKJolimark Holdings LtdHKSE
12062030.HKCabbeen Fashion LtdHKSE
12072033.HKTime Watch Investments LtdHKSE
12082038.HKFIH Mobile LtdHKSE
12092039.HKChina International Marine Containers (Group) Co., Ltd.HKSE
12102048.HKE-House (China) Enterprise Holdings LtdHKSE
12112051.HK51 Credit Card IncHKSE
12122057.HKZTO Express (Cayman) Inc.HKSE
12132060.HKPujiang International Group LtdHKSE
12142066.HKShengjing Bank Co LtdHKSE
12152068.HKChina Aluminum International Engineering Corporation LimitedHKSE
12162078.HKPanasialum Holdings Co LtdHKSE
12172083.HKNature Home Holding Company LtdHKSE
12182086.HKHNA Technology Investments Holdings LtdHKSE
12192096.HKSimcere Pharmaceutical Group LimitedHKSE
12202098.HKZall Smart Commerce Group LtdHKSE
12212099.HKChina Gold International Resources Corp LtdHKSE
12222100.HKBaioo Family Interactive LtdHKSE
12232101.HKFulu Holdings LimitedHKSE
12242102.HKTak Lee Machinery Holdings LimitedHKSE
12252107.HKFirst Service Holding LimitedHKSE
12262110.HKYue Kan Holdings LimitedHKSE
12272111.HKBest Pacific International Holdings LtdHKSE
12282112.HKCAA Resources LtdHKSE
12292117.HKDatang Group Holdings LimitedHKSE
12302119.HKTsit Wing International Holdings LtdHKSE
12312122.HKKidsland International Holdings LtdHKSE
12322125.HKStrawbear Entertainment GroupHKSE
12342127.HKHuisen Household International Group LimitedHKSE
12352128.HKChina Lesso Group Holdings LtdHKSE
12362129.HKLegion Consortium LtdHKSE
12372130.HKCN Logistics International Holdings LimitedHKSE
12382131.HKNetjoy Holdings LimitedHKSE
12392135.HKRaily Aesthetic Medicine IntlHKSE
12402136.HKLifestyle China Group LtdHKSE
12412137.HKBrii Biosciences LimitedHKSE
12422138.HKUnion Medical Healthcare LtdHKSE
12432139.HKBank of Gansu Co LtdHKSE
12442142.HKHBM Holdings LimitedHKSE
12452146.HKRoiserv Lifestyle Svcs Co LtdHKSE
12462148.HKVesync Co., LtdHKSE
12472150.HKNayuki Holdings LimitedHKSE
12482153.HKTat Hong Equip Svc Co LtdHKSE
12492155.HKMorimatsu International Holdings Company LimitedHKSE
12502156.HKC&D Property Management Group Co. LimitedHKSE
12512157.HKLepu Biopharma Co., Ltd.HKSE
12522158.HKYidu Tech IncHKSE
12532159.HKMediwelcome Healthcare Management & Technology Inc.HKSE
12542160.HKMicroPort CardioFlow MedtechHKSE
12552161.HKJBM (Healthcare) LimitedHKSE
12562162.HKKeymed Biosciences Inc.HKSE
12572163.HKChangsha Broad Homes Industrial Group Co LtdHKSE
12582165.HKLing Yue Services Group LimitedHKSE
12592166.HKSmart-Core Holdings LtdHKSE
12602168.HKKaisa Prosperity Holdings LtdHKSE
12612169.HKCanggang Railway LimitedHKSE
12622170.HKSuzhou Basecare Med Corp LtdHKSE
12632171.HKCARsgen Therapeutics Holdings LimitedHKSE
12642177.HKUNQ Holdings LimitedHKSE
12652179.HKJiangsu Recbio Technology Co., Ltd.HKSE
12662180.HKManpowerGroup Greater China LtdHKSE
12672182.HKTian Chang Group Holdings LtdHKSE
12682186.HKLuye Pharma Group LtdHKSE
12692187.HKZhixin Group Holding LimitedHKSE
12702188.HKChina Titans Energy Technology Group Co LtdHKSE
12712189.HKKato Hong Kong Holdings LtdHKSE
12722190.HKZylox-Tonbridge Medical Technology Co., Ltd.HKSE
12732191.HKSF Real Estate Investment TrustHKSE
12742192.HKMedlive Technology Co., Ltd.HKSE
12752193.HKMan King Holdings LtdHKSE
12762195.HKUnity Entrp Hldg LtdHKSE
12772196.HKShanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd.HKSE
12782197.HKClover Biopharmaceuticals, Ltd.HKSE
12792198.HKChina Sanjiang Fine Chemicals Co LtdHKSE
12802199.HKRegina Miracle International (Holdings) LtdHKSE
12812202.HKChina Vanke Co., Ltd.HKSE
12822203.HKBrainhole Technology LtdHKSE
12832205.HKKangqiao Service Group LimitedHKSE
12842207.HKRonshine Service Holding Co., LtdHKSE
12852208.HKXinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd.HKSE
12862209.HKYesAsia Holdings LimitedHKSE
12872211.HKUniversal Health International Group Holding LtdHKSE
12882212.HKFuture Bright Mining Holdings LtdHKSE
12892215.HKDexin Services Group LimitedHKSE
12902216.HKBroncus Holding CorporationHKSE
12912217.HKTam Jai International Co. LimitedHKSE
12922218.HKYantai North Andre Juice Co LtdHKSE
12932219.HKChaoju Eye Care Holdings LimitedHKSE
12942221.HKNew Concepts Holdings LtdHKSE
12952222.HKNVC International Holdings LtdHKSE
12962225.HKJinhai International Group Holdings LtdHKSE
12972226.HKHonworld Group LtdHKSE
12982227.HKSolis Holdings LtdHKSE
12992230.HKMedialink Group LtdHKSE
13002231.HKJY Grandmark Holdings LtdHKSE
13012232.HKCrystal International Group LtdHKSE
13022233.HKWest China Cement LtdHKSE
13032235.HKMicroTech Medical (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.HKSE
13042236.HKWison Engineering Services Co LtdHKSE
13052238.HKGuangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd.HKSE
13062251.HKBeijing Airdoc Technology Co., Ltd.HKSE
13072252.HKShanghai MicroPort MedBot (Group) Co., Ltd.HKSE
13082255.HKHaichang Ocean Park Holdings LtdHKSE
13092256.HKAbbisko Cayman LimitedHKSE
13102257.HKSirnaomics Ltd.HKSE
13112262.HKSteve Leung Design Group LtdHKSE
13122266.HKLai Si Enterprise Holding LtdHKSE
13132269.HKWuXi Biologics (Cayman) IncHKSE
13142270.HKDesun Real Estate Investment Services Group Co., Ltd.HKSE
13152276.HKShanghai Conant Optical Co., Ltd.HKSE
13162280.HKHC Group IncHKSE
13172282.HKMGM China Holdings LtdHKSE
13182283.HKTK Group Holdings LtdHKSE
13192285.HKChervon Holdings LimitedHKSE
13202289.HKCharmacy Pharmaceutical Co LtdHKSE
13212293.HKBamboos Health Care Holdings LtdHKSE
13222298.HKCosmo Lady (China) Holdings Co LtdHKSE
13232299.HKBillion Industrial Holdings LtdHKSE
13242302.HKCNNC International LtdHKSE
13252307.HKKam Hing International Holdings LtdHKSE
13262309.HKBirmingham Sports Holdings LtdHKSE
13272312.HKChina Financial Leasing Group LtdHKSE
13282313.HKShenzhou International Group Holdings LtdHKSE
13292314.HKLee & Man Paper Manufacturing LtdHKSE
13302317.HKVedan International Holdings LtdHKSE
13312318.HKPing An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd.HKSE
13322319.HKChina Mengniu Dairy Co LtdHKSE
13332322.HKHong Kong ChaoShang Group LtdHKSE
13342323.HKHKBridge Financial Holdings LtdHKSE
13352326.HKNew Provenance Everlasting Holdings LtdHKSE
13362327.HKMeilleure Health International Industry Group LtdHKSE
13372328.HKPICC Property and Casualty Co LtdHKSE
13382329.HKGlory Land Company LtdHKSE
13392331.HKLi Ning Co LtdHKSE
13402333.HKGreat Wall Motor Company LimitedHKSE
13412337.HKUnited Strength Power Holdings LtdHKSE
13422338.HKWeichai Power Co., Ltd.HKSE
13432339.HKBeijingwest Industries International LtdHKSE
13442340.HKSynergis Holdings LtdHKSE
13452342.HKComba Telecom Systems Holdings LtdHKSE
13462343.HKPacific Basin Shipping LtdHKSE
13472348.HKDawnrays Pharmaceutical (Holdings) LtdHKSE
13482355.HKBaoye Group Co LtdHKSE
13492356.HKDah Sing Banking Group LtdHKSE
13502357.HKAviChina Industry & Technology Co LtdHKSE
13512359.HKWuXi AppTec Co., Ltd.HKSE
13522360.HKBest Mart 360 Holdings LtdHKSE
13532362.HKJinchuan Group International Resources Co LtdHKSE
13542368.HKEagle Nice (International) Holdings LtdHKSE
13552369.HKCoolpad Group LtdHKSE
13562371.HKChina Chuanglian Education Financial Group LtdHKSE
13572377.HKChina Boqi Environmental Holding Co LtdHKSE
13582378.HKPrudential PLCHKSE
13592380.HKChina Power International Development LtdHKSE
13602381.HKSMC Electric LtdHKSE
13612382.HKSunny Optical Technology Group Co LtdHKSE
13622383.HKTom Group LtdHKSE
13632386.HKSinopec Engineering Group Co LtdHKSE
13642388.HKBOC Hong Kong Holdings LtdHKSE
13652389.HKBeijing Enterprises Medical and Health Industry Group LtdHKSE
13662390.HKZhihu Inc.HKSE
13672393.HKYestar Healthcare Holdings Co LtdHKSE
13682398.HKGood Friend International Holdings IncHKSE
13692399.HKChina Fordoo Holdings LtdHKSE
13702400.HKXD IncHKSE
13712448.HKSpace Group Holdings LtdHKSE
13722488.HKLaunch Tech Co LtdHKSE
13732500.HKVenus MedTech HangZhou IncHKSE
13742518.HKAutohome Inc.HKSE
13752552.HKHua MedicineHKSE
13762588.HKBOC Aviation LtdHKSE
13782600.HKAluminum Corporation of China LimitedHKSE
13792601.HKChina Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd.HKSE
13802607.HKShanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., LtdHKSE
13812611.HKGuotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd.HKSE
13822616.HKCStone PharmaceuticalsHKSE
13832618.HKJD Logistics, Inc.HKSE
13842623.HKAdd New Energy Investment Holdings Group LtdHKSE
13852628.HKChina Life Insurance Company LimitedHKSE
13862633.HKJacobson Pharma Corporation LtdHKSE
13872638.HKHK Electric Investments LtdHKSE
13882660.HKZengame Technology Holding LtdHKSE
13892666.HKGenertec Universal Medical Group Co LtdHKSE
13902668.HKPak Tak International LtdHKSE
13912669.HKChina Overseas Property Holdings LtdHKSE
13922678.HKTexhong Textile Group LtdHKSE
13932680.HKInnovax Holdings LtdHKSE
13942682.HKYun Lee Marine Group Holdings LtdHKSE
13952683.HKWah Sun Handbags International Holdings LtdHKSE
13962686.HKAAG Energy Holdings LtdHKSE
13972688.HKENN Energy Holdings LtdHKSE
13982689.HKNine Dragons Paper (Holdings) LtdHKSE
13992696.HKShanghai Henlius Biotech IncHKSE
14002698.HKWeiqiao Textile Co LtdHKSE
14012699.HKXinming China Holdings LtdHKSE
14022708.HKIBO Technology Company LtdHKSE
14032722.HKChongqing Machinery & Electric Co LtdHKSE
14042727.HKShanghai Electric Group Company LimitedHKSE
14052738.HKHuajin International Holdings LtdHKSE
14062768.HKJiayuan International Group LtdHKSE
14072772.HKZhongliang Holdings Group Company LtdHKSE
14082777.HKGuangzhou R&F Properties Co LtdHKSE
14092778.HKChampion Real Estate Investment TrustHKSE
14102779.HKChina Xinhua Education Group LtdHKSE
14112788.HKYorkey Optical International (Cayman) LtdHKSE
14122789.HKYuanda China Holdings LtdHKSE
14132798.HKPerennial Energy Holdings LtdHKSE
14142799.HKChina Huarong Asset Management Co LtdHKSE
14152801.HKiShares Asia Trust - iShares Core MSCI China Index ETFHKSE
14162802.HKiShares MSCI Emerging Asia ETFHKSE
14172806.HKGlobal X China Consumer Brand ETFHKSE
14182807.HKGlobal X China Robotics and AI ETFHKSE
14192819.HKABF Hong Kong Bond Index FundHKSE
14202821.HKABF Pan Asia Bond IndexHKSE
14212823.HKiShares FTSE China A50 ETFHKSE
14222827.HKW.I.S.E. - CSI 300 China TrackerHKSE
14232828.HKHang Seng China Enterprises Index ETFHKSE
14242833.HKHang Seng Index ETFHKSE
14252836.HKiShares Asia Trust - iShares Core S&P BSE SENSEX India Index ETFHKSE
14262845.HKGlobal X China Electric Vehicle ETFHKSE
14272846.HKiShares Asia Trust - iShares Core CSI 300 Index ETFHKSE
14282858.HKYixin Group LtdHKSE
14292863.HKGolden Faith Group Holdings LtdHKSE
14302866.HKCOSCO SHIPPING Development Co., Ltd.HKSE
14312869.HKGreentown Service Group Co LtdHKSE
14322877.HKChina Shineway Pharmaceutical Group LtdHKSE
14332878.HKSolomon Systech (International) LtdHKSE
14342880.HKLiaoning Port Co., Ltd.HKSE
14352883.HKChina Oilfield Services LimitedHKSE
14362885.HKPeiport Holdings LtdHKSE
14372886.HKBinhai Investment Co LtdHKSE
14382888.HKStandard Chartered PLCHKSE
14392899.HKZijin Mining Group Company LimitedHKSE
14402975.HKDigital Domain Holdings LimitedHKSE
14413023.HKPing An of China Trust - Ping An Nasdaq AI and Robotics ETFHKSE
14423031.HKHaitong MSCI China A ESG ETFHKSE
14433033.HKCSOP Hang Seng TECH Index ETFHKSE
14443040.HKGlobal X MSCI China ETFHKSE
14453053.HKCSOP Hong Kong Dollar Money Market ETFHKSE
14463070.HKPing An of China CSI HK Dividend ETFHKSE
14473071.HKCICC HKD Money Market ETFHKSE
14483073.HKSPDR FTSE Greater China ETFHKSE
14493081.HKValue Gold ETFHKSE
14513097.HKGlobal X S&P Crude Oil Futures Enhanced ER ETFHKSE
14523109.HKCSOP ETF Series OFC - CSOP STAR 50 Index ETFHKSE
14533110.HKGlobal X Hang Seng High Dividend Yield ETFHKSE
14543115.HKiShares Core Hang Seng Index ETFHKSE
14553141.HKBMO Asia USD Investment Grade Bond ETFHKSE
14563143.HKBMO Hong Kong Banks ETFHKSE
14573160.HKBMO MSCI Japan Hedged to USD ETFHKSE
14583165.HKBMO MSCI Europe Quality Hedged to USD ETFHKSE
14593167.HKCSOP S&P New China Sectors ETF HKD IncHKSE
14603175.HKSamsung S&P GSCI Crude Oil ER Futures ETFHKSE
14613187.HKSamsung ETFs Trust II - Samsung S&P High Dividend APAC EX NZ REITs ETFHKSE
14623300.HKChina Glass Holdings LtdHKSE
14633301.HKRonshine China Holdings LtdHKSE
14643302.HKKinergy Corporation LtdHKSE
14653303.HKJutal Offshore Oil Services LtdHKSE
14663306.HKJNBY Design LtdHKSE
14673308.HKGolden Eagle Retail Group LtdHKSE
14683309.HKC-Mer Eye Care Holdings LtdHKSE
14693311.HKChina State Construction International Holdings LtdHKSE
14703313.HKArtgo Holdings LtdHKSE
14713315.HKGoldpac Group LtdHKSE
14723316.HKBinjiang Service Group Co LtdHKSE
14733318.HKChina Boton Group Co LtdHKSE
14743319.HKA-Living Services Co LtdHKSE
14753320.HKChina Resources Pharmaceutical Group LtdHKSE
14763322.HKWin Hanverky Holdings LtdHKSE
14773323.HKChina National Building Material Co LtdHKSE
14783326.HKPerfect Group International Holdings LtdHKSE
14793328.HKBank of Communications Co., Ltd.HKSE
14803329.HKBOCOM International Holdings Co LtdHKSE
14813330.HKLingbao Gold Group Company LtdHKSE
14823331.HKVinda International Holdings LtdHKSE
14833336.HKJu Teng International Holdings LtdHKSE
14843337.HKAnton Oilfield Services GroupHKSE
14853339.HKLonking Holdings LtdHKSE
14863347.HKHangzhou Tigermed Consulting Co., LtdHKSE
14873358.HKBestway Global Holding IncHKSE
14883360.HKFar East Horizon LtdHKSE
14893366.HKOverseas Chinese Town (Asia) Holdings LtdHKSE
14913377.HKSino-Ocean Group Holding LtdHKSE
14923380.HKLogan Group Co LtdHKSE
14933382.HKTianjin Port Development Holdings LtdHKSE
14943383.HKAgile Group Holdings LtdHKSE
14953389.HKHengdeli Holdings LtdHKSE
14963390.HKTycoon Group Holdings LtdHKSE
14973393.HKWasion Holdings LtdHKSE
14983396.HKLegend Holdings CorpHKSE
14993398.HKChina Ting Group Holdings LtdHKSE
15003399.HKGuangdong Yueyun Transportation Co LtdHKSE
15013600.HKModern Dental Group LtdHKSE
15023601.HK360 Ludashi Holdings LtdHKSE
15033603.HKXinji Shaxi Group Co LtdHKSE
15043606.HKFuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd.HKSE
15053613.HKBeijing Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Co LtdHKSE
15063616.HKEver Reach Group (Holdings) Company LtdHKSE
15073618.HKChongqing Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.HKSE
15083633.HKZhongyu Gas Holdings LtdHKSE
15093636.HKPoly Culture Group Corp LtdHKSE
15103639.HKYida China Holdings LtdHKSE
15113658.HKNew Hope Service Holdings LimitedHKSE
15123666.HKTANSH Global Food Group Co LtdHKSE
15133668.HKYancoal Australia LtdHKSE
15143669.HKChina Yongda Automobiles Services Holdings LtdHKSE
15153678.HKHolly Futures Co LtdHKSE
15163680.HKSuoxinda Holdings LtdHKSE
15173681.HKSinoMab BioScience LtdHKSE
15183683.HKGreat Harvest Maeta Group Holdings LtdHKSE
15193688.HKTop Spring International Holdings LtdHKSE
15203689.HKGuangdong Kanghua Healthcare Co LtdHKSE
15213690.HKMeituan DianpingHKSE
15223692.HKHansoh Pharmaceutical Group Co LtdHKSE
15233698.HKHuishang Bank Corp LtdHKSE
15243700.HKInke LtdHKSE
15253709.HKEEKA Fashion Holdings LtdHKSE
15263718.HKBeijing Enterprises Urban Resources Group LtdHKSE
15273737.HKZhongzhi Pharmaceutical Holdings LtdHKSE
15283738.HKVobile Group LtdHKSE
15293759.HKPharmaron Beijing Co., Ltd.HKSE
15303768.HKKunming Dianchi Water Treatment Co LtdHKSE
15313773.HKNNK Group LtdHKSE
15323788.HKChina Hanking Holdings LtdHKSE
15333798.HKHomeland Interactive Technology LtdHKSE
15343799.HKDali Foods Group Co LtdHKSE
15353800.HKGCL-Poly Energy Holdings LtdHKSE
15363808.HKSinotruk Hong Kong LtdHKSE
15373813.HKPou Sheng International (Holdings) LtdHKSE
15383818.HKChina Dongxiang (Group) Co LtdHKSE
15393828.HKMing Fai International Holdings LtdHKSE
15403833.HKXinjiang Xinxin Mining Industry Co LtdHKSE
15413836.HKChina Harmony Auto Holding LtdHKSE
15423838.HKChina Starch Holdings LtdHKSE
15433848.HKWealthy Way Group LtdHKSE
15443860.HKSpeed Apparel Holding LtdHKSE
15453866.HKBank of Qingdao Co., Ltd.HKSE
15463868.HKXinyi Energy Holdings LtdHKSE
15473877.HKCSSC Hong Kong Shipping Co LtdHKSE
15483878.HKVicon Holdings LtdHKSE
15493882.HKSKY Light Holdings LtdHKSE
15503886.HKTown Health International Medical Group LimitedHKSE
15513888.HKKingsoft Corp LtdHKSE
15523893.HKCROSSTEC Group Holdings LtdHKSE
15533898.HKZhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co LtdHKSE
15543899.HKCIMC Enric Holdings LtdHKSE
15553900.HKGreentown China Holdings LtdHKSE
15563903.HKHanhua Financial Holding Co LtdHKSE
15573908.HKChina International Capital Corp LtdHKSE
15583913.HKKWG Living Group Holdings LimitedHKSE
15593918.HKNagacorp LtdHKSE
15603919.HKGolden Power Group Holdings LtdHKSE
15613933.HKUnited Laboratories International Holdings LtdHKSE
15623938.HKLFG Investment Holdings LtdHKSE
15633939.HKWanguo International Mining Group LtdHKSE
15643948.HKInner Mongolia Yitai Coal Co., Ltd.HKSE
15653958.HKOrient Securities Company LimitedHKSE
15663968.HKChina Merchants Bank Co., Ltd.HKSE
15673969.HKChina Railway Signal & Communication Corporation LimitedHKSE
15683978.HKChina Beststudy Education GroupHKSE
15693983.HKChina BlueChemical LtdHKSE
15703988.HKBank of China LimitedHKSE
15713989.HKCapital Environment Holdings LtdHKSE
15723990.HKMidea Real Estate Holding LtdHKSE
15733992.HKCreative Enterprise Holdings LtdHKSE
15743993.HKChina Molybdenum Co., Ltd.HKSE
15753996.HKChina Energy Engineering Corp LtdHKSE
15763997.HKTelecom Service One Holdings LtdHKSE
15773998.HKBosideng International Holdings LtdHKSE
15783999.HKDachan Food (Asia) LtdHKSE
15806033.HKTelecom Digital Holdings LtdHKSE
15816036.HKApex Ace Holding LtdHKSE
15826049.HKPoly Property Services Co LtdHKSE
15836055.HKChina Tobacco International HK Co LtdHKSE
15846058.HKChina Industrial Securities International Financial Group LtdHKSE
15856060.HKZhongAn Online P & C Insurance Co LtdHKSE
15866063.HKLotus Horizon Holdings LtdHKSE
15886068.HKWisdom Education International Holdings Company LtdHKSE
15896069.HKSheng Ye Capital LtdHKSE
15906078.HKHygeia Healthcare Holdings Co LtdHKSE
15916083.HKWorld-Link Logistics (Asia) Holding LtdHKSE
15926088.HKFoxconn Interconnect Technology LtdHKSE
15936093.HKHevol Services Group Co LtdHKSE
15946098.HKCountry Garden Services Holdings Co LtdHKSE
15956099.HKChina Merchants Securities Co., Ltd.HKSE
15966100.HKWise Talent Information Technology Co LtdHKSE
15976110.HKTopsports International Holdings LtdHKSE
15986111.HKDaFa Properties Group LtdHKSE
15996117.HKRizhao Port Jurong Co LtdHKSE
16006118.HKAustar Lifesciences LtdHKSE
16016119.HKTian Yuan Group Holdings LtdHKSE
16026123.HKYTO Express (International) Holdings LtdHKSE
16036127.HKJoinn Laboratories (China) Co.,Ltd.HKSE
16046128.HKEarthasia International Holdings LtdHKSE
16056136.HKKangda International Environmental Company LtdHKSE
16066138.HKHarbin Bank Co LtdHKSE
16076158.HKZhenro Properties Group LtdHKSE
16086160.HKBeigene LtdHKSE
16096178.HKEverbright Securities Company LimitedHKSE
16106182.HKTwintek Investment Holdings LtdHKSE
16116185.HKCansino Biologics IncHKSE
16126186.HKChina Feihe LtdHKSE
16136190.HKBank of Jiujiang Co LtdHKSE
16146193.HKTailam Tech Construction Holdings LtdHKSE
16156196.HKBank of Zhengzhou Co., Ltd.HKSE
16166198.HKQingdao Port International Co., Ltd.HKSE
16176288.HKFast Retailing Co., Ltd.HKSE
16186600.HKSciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc.HKSE
16196601.HKCheerwin Group LimitedHKSE
16206606.HKNew Horizon Health LimitedHKSE
16216608.HKBairong Inc.HKSE
16226609.HKShanghai HeartCare Medical Technology Corporation LimitedHKSE
16236611.HKSanxun Holdings Group LimitedHKSE
16246616.HKGlobal New Material International Holdings LimitedHKSE
16256618.HKJD Health International Inc.HKSE
16266622.HKZhaoke Ophthalmology LimitedHKSE
16276626.HKYuexiu Services Group LimitedHKSE
16286628.HKTranscenta Holding LimitedHKSE
16296633.HKQingci Games Inc.HKSE
16306639.HKArrail Group LimitedHKSE
16316668.HKE-Star Commercial Management Company LimitedHKSE
16326669.HKAcotec Scientific Holdings LimitedHKSE
16336677.HKSino-Ocean Service Holding LimitedHKSE
16346690.HKHaier Smart Home Co., Ltd.HKSE
16356699.HKAngelalign Technology Inc.HKSE
16366806.HKShenwan Hongyuan Group Co., Ltd.HKSE
16376808.HKSun Art Retail Group LtdHKSE
16386811.HKTai Hing Group Holdings LtdHKSE
16396812.HKWinson Holdings Hong Kong LtdHKSE
16406818.HKChina Everbright Bank Company LimitedHKSE
16416819.HKIntellicentrics Global Holdings LtdHKSE
16426820.HKFriendTimes IncHKSE
16436821.HKAsymchem Laboratories (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.HKSE
16446823.HKHKT Trust and HKT LtdHKSE
16456826.HKShanghai Haohai Biological Technology Co., Ltd.HKSE
16466828.HKBeijing Gas Blue Sky Holdings LtdHKSE
16476830.HKHuazhong In Vehicle Holdings Co LtdHKSE
16486833.HKSinco Pharmaceuticals Holdings LtdHKSE
16496836.HKTianyun International Holdings LtdHKSE
16506837.HKHaitong Securities Co., Ltd.HKSE
16516839.HKYunnan Water Investment Company LtdHKSE
16526855.HKAscentage Pharma Group InternationalHKSE
16536858.HKHonma Golf LtdHKSE
16546860.HKFingerTango IncHKSE
16556862.HKHaidilao International Holding LtdHKSE
16566865.HKFlat Glass Group Co., Ltd.HKSE
16576866.HKZuoli Kechuang Micro-finance Co LtdHKSE
16586868.HKTenfu (Cayman) Holdings Company LtdHKSE
16596869.HKYangtze Optical Fibre And Cable Joint Stock Limited CompanyHKSE
16606877.HKCLSA Premium LtdHKSE
16616878.HKDiffer Group Holding Co LtdHKSE
16626881.HKChina Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd.HKSE
16636882.HKEGL Holdings Co LtdHKSE
16646885.HKHenan Jinma Energy Co LtdHKSE
16656886.HKHuatai Securities Co., Ltd.HKSE
16666888.HKFreetech Road Recycling Technology (Holdings) LtdHKSE
16676889.HKDynam Japan Holdings Co LtdHKSE
16686893.HKHin Sang Group (International) Holding Co LtdHKSE
16696896.HKGolden Throat Holdings Group Co LtdHKSE
16706899.HKOurgame International Holdings LtdHKSE
16726908.HKHongguang Lighting Holdings Company LtdHKSE
16736913.HKSouth China Vocational Education Group Company LimitedHKSE
16746918.HKKidztech Holdings LtdHKSE
16756919.HKRenrui Human Resources Technology Holdings LtdHKSE
16766928.HKTOMO Holdings LtdHKSE
16776933.HKSino-Entertainment Technology Holdings LimitedHKSE
16786939.HKMegain Holding (Cayman) Co., Ltd.HKSE
16796958.HKZhenro Services Group LimitedHKSE
16806968.HKGanglong China Property Group LimitedHKSE
16816969.HKSmoore International Holdings LimitedHKSE
16826978.HKImmunotech Biopharm LtdHKSE
16836988.HKJoy Spreader Interactive Technology Co.,LtdHKSE
16846989.HKExcellence Commercial Property & Facilities Management Group LimitedHKSE
16856993.HKBlue Moon Group Holdings LimitedHKSE
16876998.HKGenor Biopharma Holdings LimitedHKSE
16886999.HKLeading Holdings Group LtdHKSE
16897200.HKCSOP Hang Seng Index Daily (2x) Leveraged ProductHKSE
16907226.HKCSOP Hang Seng TECH Index Daily (2x) Leveraged ProductHKSE
16917233.HKCSOP CSI 300 Index Daily (2x) Leveraged ProductHKSE
16927248.HKCSOP Leveraged and Inverse Series II - CSOP FTSE China A50 Index Daily (2x) Leveraged ProductHKSE
16937261.HKChinaAMC Direxion NASDAQ-100 Daily (2x) Leveraged ProductHKSE
16947266.HKCSOP NASDAQ-100 Index Daily (2x) Leveraged ProductHKSE
16957272.HKChinaAMC Direxion CSI 300 Index Daily (2x) Leveraged ProductHKSE
16967288.HKCSOP Hang Seng China Enterprises Index Daily (2x) Leveraged ProductHKSE
16977299.HKCSOP Gold Futures Daily (2x) Leveraged ProductHKSE
16987300.HKCSOP Hang Seng Index Daily (-1x) Inverse ProductHKSE
16997331.HKChinaAMC Direxion NASDAQ-100 Daily (-1x) Inverse ProductHKSE
17007333.HKCSOP CSI 300 Index Daily (-1x) Inverse ProductHKSE
17017348.HKCSOP Leveraged and Inverse Series II - CSOP FTSE China A50 Index Daily (-1x) Inverse ProductHKSE
17027373.HKChinaAMC Direxion CSI 300 Index Daily (-1x) Inverse ProductHKSE
17037500.HKCSOP Hang Seng Index Daily (-2x) Inverse ProductHKSE
17047522.HKChinaAMC Direxion NASDAQ-100 Daily (-2x) Inverse ProductHKSE
17057552.HKCSOP Leveraged and Inverse Series - CSOP Hang Seng TECH Index Daily (-2x) Inverse ProductHKSE
17067568.HKCSOP NASDAQ-100 Index Daily (-2x) Inverse ProductHKSE
17077588.HKCSOP Hang Seng China Enterprises Index Daily (-2x) Inverse ProductHKSE
17088001.HKOrient Securities International Holdings LtdHKSE
17098005.HKYuxing Infotech Investment Holdings LtdHKSE
17108007.HKGlobal Strategic Group LtdHKSE
17118011.HKPolyard Petroleum International Group LtdHKSE
17128017.HKTradeGo FinTech LtdHKSE
17138018.HKFinsoft Financial Investment Holdings LtdHKSE
17148021.HKWLS Holdings LtdHKSE
17158032.HKViva China Holdings LtdHKSE
17168035.HKJanco Holdings LtdHKSE
17178037.HKChina Biotech Services Holdings LtdHKSE
17188039.HKKNK Holdings LtdHKSE
17198040.HKDCB Holdings LtdHKSE
17208041.HKLuxey International (Holdings) LtdHKSE
17218042.HKKOS International Holdings LtdHKSE
17228049.HKJilin Province Huinan Changlong Bio-pharmacy Co LtdHKSE
17238052.HKLuk Hing Entertainment Group Holdings LtdHKSE
17248053.HKPizu Group Holdings LtdHKSE
17258056.HKLife Concepts Holdings LtdHKSE
17268057.HKMadison Holdings Group LtdHKSE
17278062.HKEft Solutions Holdings LtdHKSE
17288065.HKKML Technology Group LtdHKSE
17298067.HKOriental University City Holdings HK LtdHKSE
17308069.HKWWPKG Holdings Company LtdHKSE
17318071.HKChina Netcom Technology Holdings LtdHKSE
17328072.HKRoma Group LtdHKSE
173380737.HKShenzhen Investment Holdings Bay Area Development Company LimitedHKSE
17348079.HKEasy Repay Finance & Investment LtdHKSE
17358081.HKHang Tai Yue Group Holdings LtdHKSE
17368082.HKSun Entertainment Group LtdHKSE
17378083.HKChina Youzan LtdHKSE
17388092.HKITE (Holdings) LtdHKSE
17398093.HKBGMC International LtdHKSE
17408095.HKBeijing Beida Jade Bird Universal Sci-Tech Co LtdHKSE
17418107.HKVision International Holdings LtdHKSE
17428118.HKBortex Global LtdHKSE
17438120.HKChina Demeter Financial Investments LtdHKSE
17448121.HKGuru Online (Holdings) LtdHKSE
17458123.HKSinofortune Financial Holdings LtdHKSE
17468128.HKChina Geothermal Industry Development Group LtdHKSE
17478130.HKDadi International Group LtdHKSE
17488133.HKJete Power Holdings LtdHKSE
17498137.HKHonbridge Holdings LtdHKSE
17508148.HKAurum Pacific (China) Group LtdHKSE
17518150.HKSeamless Green China (Holdings) LtdHKSE
17528153.HKFarnova Group Holdings LtdHKSE
17538156.HKSinopharm Tech Holdings LtdHKSE
17548162.HKLoco Hong Kong Holdings LtdHKSE
17558166.HKChina Eco-Farming LtdHKSE
17568167.HKNeo Telemedia LtdHKSE
17578168.HKAmasse Capital Holdings LtdHKSE
17588172.HKLajin Entertainment Network Group LtdHKSE
17598187.HKJimu Group LtdHKSE
17608191.HKHong Wei Asia Holdings Co LtdHKSE
17618195.HKL & A International Holdings LtdHKSE
17628196.HKGreat Water Holdings LtdHKSE
17638198.HKLoto Interactive LtdHKSE
17648200.HKSau San Tong Holdings LtdHKSE
17658213.HKStarGlory Holdings Co LtdHKSE
17668216.HKMaxicity Holdings LtdHKSE
17678223.HKZiyuanyuan Holdings Group LtdHKSE
17688225.HKChina Health Group IncHKSE
17698226.HKKOALA Financial Group LtdHKSE
17708229.HKFuture Data Group LtdHKSE
17718231.HKPFC Device IncHKSE
17728237.HKLink Holdings LtdHKSE
17738238.HKWinto Group (Holdings) LtdHKSE
17748239.HKCapital Finance Holdings LtdHKSE
17758245.HKOn Real International Holdings LtdHKSE
17768246.HKZhonghua Gas Holdings LtdHKSE
17778250.HKSilk Road Energy Services Group LtdHKSE
17788267.HKLinekong Interactive Group Co LtdHKSE
17798268.HKDeson Construction International Holdings LtdHKSE
17808270.HKChina CBM Group Co LtdHKSE
17818271.HKGlobal Digital Creations Holdings LtdHKSE
17828275.HKBeaver Group (Holding) Co LtdHKSE
17838279.HKAGTech Holdings LtdHKSE
17848282.HKGameone Holdings LtdHKSE
178582822.HKCSOP FTSE China A50 ETFHKSE
17868283.HKZheng LI Holdings LtdHKSE
17878291.HKWan Cheng Metal Packaging Company LtdHKSE
17888292.HKWorldgate Global Logistics LtdHKSE
17898293.HKSingasia Holdings LtdHKSE
17908295.HKZZ Capital International LtdHKSE
17918296.HKSino-Life Group LtdHKSE
17928297.HKMy Heart Bodibra Group LtdHKSE
17938299.HKGrand T G Gold Holdings LtdHKSE
17948305.HKTong Kee (Holding) LtdHKSE
17958309.HKMan Shing Global Holdings LtdHKSE
17968315.HKGreatwalle IncHKSE
17978316.HKPak Wing Group (Holdings) LtdHKSE
179883168.HKHang Seng RMB Gold ETFHKSE
179983188.HKChinaAMC CSI 300 Index ETFHKSE
180083199.HKCSOP Bloomberg Barclays China Treasury + Policy Bank Bond Index ETFHKSE
18018320.HKAllied Sustainability and Environmental Consultants Group LtdHKSE
18028325.HKChina Smartpay Group Holdings LtdHKSE
18038326.HKTonking New Energy Group Holdings LtdHKSE
18048328.HKXinyi Automobile Glass Hong Kong Enterprises LtdHKSE
18058329.HKShenzhen Neptunus Interlong Bio-technique Co LtdHKSE
18068340.HKVinco Financial Group LtdHKSE
18078347.HKF8 Enterprises (Holdings) Group LtdHKSE
18088349.HKMEIGU Technology Holding Group LtdHKSE
18098353.HKAnacle Systems LtdHKSE
18108360.HKAl Group LtdHKSE
18118365.HKVBG International Holdings LtdHKSE
18128366.HKZhejiang United Investment Holdings Group LtdHKSE
18138367.HKSimplicity Holding LtdHKSE
18148371.HKTaste Gourmet Group LtdHKSE
18158373.HKIndigo Star Holdings LtdHKSE
18168377.HKShen You Holdings LtdHKSE
18178379.HKPrime Intelligence Solutions Group LtdHKSE
18188385.HKProsperous Printing Co LtdHKSE
18198391.HKElegance Commercial and Financial Printing Group LtdHKSE
18208392.HKSatu Holdings LtdHKSE
18218403.HKDowway Holdings LtdHKSE
18228406.HKAlpha Era International Holdings LtdHKSE
18238411.HKK W Nelson Interior Design and Contracting Group LtdHKSE
18248413.HKAsia Grocery Distribution LtdHKSE
18258418.HKOptima Automobile Group Holdings LtdHKSE
18268420.HKNexion Technologies LtdHKSE
18278423.HKChi Ho Development Holdings LtdHKSE
18288425.HKHing Ming Holdings LtdHKSE
18298430.HKC&N Holdings LtdHKSE
18308431.HKHao Bai International (Cayman) LtdHKSE
18318432.HKBar Pacific Group Holdings LtdHKSE
18328437.HKRMH Holdings LtdHKSE
18338441.HKIWS Group Holdings LtdHKSE
18348445.HKNoble Engineering Group Holdings LtdHKSE
18358446.HKIn Technical Productions Holdings LtdHKSE
18368447.HKMS Concept LtdHKSE
18378456.HKMansion International Holdings LtdHKSE
18388471.HKReach New Holdings LtdHKSE
18398472.HKLapco Holdings LtdHKSE
18408473.HKMI Ming Mart Holdings LtdHKSE
18418476.HKOcean One Holding LtdHKSE
18428479.HKJTF International Holdings LtdHKSE
18438482.HKWan Leader International LtdHKSE
18448487.HKISP Global LtdHKSE
18458489.HKGrand Power Logistics Group LimitedHKSE
18468490.HKNiche-Tech Group LtdHKSE
18478491.HKCool Link (Holdings) LtdHKSE
18488493.HKDragon King Group Holdings LtdHKSE
18498496.HKSingapore Food Holdings LtdHKSE
18508502.HKOcean Line Port Development LtdHKSE
18518510.HKTop Standard CorpHKSE
18528511.HKZhicheng Technology Group LtdHKSE
18538512.HKHyfusin Group Holdings LtdHKSE
18548513.HKIAG Holdings LtdHKSE
18558516.HKGrand Talents Group Holdings LtdHKSE
18568519.HKJia Group Holdings LtdHKSE
18578525.HKByleasing Holdings LtdHKSE
18588526.HKWing Fung Group Asia LtdHKSE
18598527.HKJLogo Holdings LtdHKSE
18608545.HKAmuse Group Holding LtdHKSE
18618547.HKPacific Legend Group LtdHKSE
18628606.HKKinetix Systems Holdings LtdHKSE
18638607.HKNarnia (Hong Kong) Group Co LtdHKSE
18648611.HKMindtell Technology LtdHKSE
18658612.HKWorld Super Holdings LtdHKSE
18668613.HKOriental Payment Group Holdings LtdHKSE
18678616.HKSunray Engineering Group LtdHKSE
18688617.HKBest Linking Group Holdings LtdHKSE
18698620.HKAsia-express Logistics Holdings LtdHKSE
18708622.HKHuakang Biomedical Holdings Co LtdHKSE
18718623.HKChina Saftower International Holding Group LimitedHKSE
18728627.HKOrange Tour Cultural Holding LtdHKSE
18738635.HKNovacon Technology Group LtdHKSE
18748645.HKNomad Technologies Holdings LtdHKSE
18758646.HKChina Hongguang Holdings LtdHKSE
18768657.HKTrue Partner Capital Holding LimitedHKSE
18778659.HKYik Wo International Holdings LimitedHKSE
187887001.HKHui Xian Real Estate Investment TrustHKSE
18799074.HKiShares Core MSCI Taiwan ETFHKSE
18809600.HKNewlink Technology Inc.HKSE
18819608.HKSundy Svc Grp Co LtdHKSE
18829616.HKNeusoft Education Technology Co. LimitedHKSE IncHKSE
18849626.HKBilibili Inc.HKSE
18859633.HKNongfu Spring Co., Ltd.HKSE
18879668.HKChina Bohai Bank Co., Ltd.HKSE
18889688.HKZai Lab LimitedHKSE
18909858.HKChina Youran Dairy Group LimitedHKSE
18919868.HKXPeng Inc.HKSE
18929869.HKHelens International Holdings Company LimitedHKSE
18939878.HKHuitongda Network Co., Ltd.HKSE
18949888.HKBaidu, Inc.HKSE
18959889.HKDongguan Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.HKSE
18969899.HKCloud Village Inc.HKSE
18979900.HKGain Plus Holdings LtdHKSE
18999906.HKHonliv Healthcare Management Group Company LimitedHKSE
19009908.HKJiaXing Gas Group Co., Ltd.HKSE
19019909.HKPowerlong Commercial Management Holdings LtdHKSE
19029911.HKNewborn Town IncHKSE
19039913.HKChi Kan Holdings LimitedHKSE
19049916.HKXingye Wulian Service Group Co LtdHKSE
19059918.HKWise Ally International Holdings LtdHKSE
19069919.HKActivation Group Holdings LtdHKSE
19079922.HKJiumaojiu International Holdings LtdHKSE
19089923.HKYeahka LtdHKSE
19099926.HKAkeso IncHKSE
19109928.HKTimes Neighborhood Holdings LtdHKSE
19119929.HKSem Holdings LtdHKSE
19129933.HKGHW InternationalHKSE
19139936.HKXimei Resources Holding LtdHKSE
19149938.HKWah Wo Holdings Group LtdHKSE
19159939.HKKintor Pharmaceutical LtdHKSE
19169958.HKLitian Pictures Holdings LtdHKSE
19179959.HKLinklogis Inc.HKSE
19189960.HKKindstar Global (Beijing) Technology, Inc.HKSE Group LimitedHKSE
19209963.HKTranstech Optelecom Science Holdings LimitedHKSE
19219966.HKAlphamab OncologyHKSE
19229968.HKHuijing Holdings Co LtdHKSE
19239969.HKInnoCare Pharma LtdHKSE
19249977.HKShandong Fengxiang Co., LtdHKSE
19259979.HKGreentown Management Holdings Company LimitedHKSE
19269982.HKCentral China Management Company LimitedHKSE
19279983.HKCentral China New Life LtdHKSE
19309989.HKShenzhen Hepalink Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.HKSE
19319990.HKArchosaur Games Inc.HKSE
19329991.HKBaozun Inc.HKSE
19339992.HKPop Mart Intl Grp LtdHKSE
19349993.HKRadiance Holdings (Group) Company LimitedHKSE
19369996.HKPeijia Medical LtdHKSE
19379997.HKKangji Medical Holdings LtdHKSE
19389999.HKNetEase IncHKSE