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Is Chen Full International Co., Ltd. stock a buy?

Chen Full International is listed at the  Exchange
Chen Full International [8383.TWO]
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Yes, Chen Full International pays dividends. Last time was Tuesday 15th of August 2023 where the investors holding the stock on Wednesday 12th of July 2023 were paid TWD2.5 per share. Over the last 16 times between 2008 and 2023, Chen Full International has paid TWD28.14349 with an average of TWD1.76 per share.

Sorry, we do not have any analyst data for this ticker

We cannot find data for Chen Full International 10 years ago, but if you had invested on Tuesday 18th of June 2019 when the price was TWD40.10, you would have made a profit of TWD2.65 per share or 6.61%

Yes, the average daily trading liquidity for Chen Full International is TWD920 606. You should therefore be able to get in and out of your positions relatively fast.

Chen Full International has little of the business financed by loans. This put the company at lower risk in periods of high inflation where cost of borrowing money usually go up. With a high cash flow to debt ratio of 0.61 the company's ability to pay of the debt is good. Chen Full International has a good net profit margin of 9.78% and should have high tolerances against inflation as the profit margin can be reduced to maintain market positions and overall sales.

We have calculated the inflation risk for Chen Full International to be [0.1 of 1]

US inflation for May 2024 was 0.01%. Over the last 12 months, the US inflation is 3.25%. The 10-year treasury yield that indicates the future interest level is currently 4.2 and is up 0.02 over the last 30 days.